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    PERB time clock

    Anyone else having time clock issues again? I've changed my setting to GMT-7 Mountain Time but clock is still out by a half hour. PERB setting at the bottom of the page shows GMT-6. Maybe this gets resolved after the DST change Sunday?
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    Skookum Music Fest

    I'm surprised no one has started a thread on this so here goes from my POV. EXCELLENT! Will definitely return next year pending the entertainment schedule. Outside of the usual blips when it comes to liquor and portables line ups and some of the vendor pricing I thought this festival was well...
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    Kamivix aka Addison Cortes

    Hey guys- I've already put this in the Vancouver 411 but thought you local boys might be of better assistance. I might be spending some time in your neck of the woods in the next while and I'm looking for first hand intel on the lovely and sassy Lady Addison. Can't seem to find anything when...
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    ANAL? What about you?

    Now I bet that got everybody's attention! But I'm speaking about anal and OCD related tendencies and behaviour. What are yours? One of mine is that I'm a neat freak. Not to the level of a Felix Unger, but pretty damn close. Within hours of vacuuming carpet and Swiffering hardwood floors I'm on...
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    Sara 0884 strawberry Blond Any intel on this lady? I've searched with no luck. Thank you!
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    Non-reviewing contributing members

    I've been around long enough to see wide and varied contributions from past and present members that don't necessarily post actual reviews. Some of these members don't ever see SPs, some are in relationships with SPs, some have retired from the "hobby" yet still involve themselves in the forums...
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    Miss Hunter- well known Lady in Red.

    I'm looking for some intel as to Miss Hunter's skills- both her BDSM practices and her more "restrained" massage, edging, prostate services etc. I'm not a submissive type of personality, however the thought of putting my trust in another's hands for some light dominance is intriguing to me. I've...
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    Government Liqor pricing etc.

    I'm an avid wine drinker. I remember when the BCLDB introduced their new pricing model excluding taxes- saying that there would be little, if any, price difference. Pricing would be adjusted to balance closely. For awhile I'm noting that that just about all of the shelf prices for wine are...
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    Senior Members

    I've noticed that there are different tag-lines beneath the Ladies in Red's handles. For instance- Miss Hunter- High Priestess. I get that. VanessainVictoria- Pleasure Provider- that one's obvious. Jaime Laine- The One and Only- damn straight. Peyton Alexander- Your Perfect Paramour- catchy. Ms...
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    rates at BEX

    What are the typical 30 minute rates at BEX? Room and expected tip? Do the girls offer 1/2 service- slide, titfuck and hj- or do they just charge a FS rate and the session then is what it is? No fuck or bj- no discount- too bad sailor? Or is the rate scale more a la carte in nature with room +...
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    Candy at Prosper and Sarah at Aqua- one and the same!

    Hey guys- I learned a little nugget yesterday you may be interested in. Had another enjoyable session with Sarah at Aqua Spa Langley yesterday- deep tissue massage, nude slide, Russian, HJ etc. Seen her a few times and always come away spent. I've posted reviews and comments from earlier...
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    4 U Day Spa PoCo

    Hey guys- anybody have anything current regarding the 4 U spa in PoCo? I see they are posting on CL. I know that Coco from Callidale in Langley used to work there- maybe she still does? 4 U is a tough one to search- what with the short name. The phone #5818 just brings up Richmond info as well...
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    Tara in Langley 3097

    Hey guys- a little help if you don't mind. Anyone seen Tara in Langley- or have any intel on her? She looks to have a rockin' body. She's been posting on CL and LL for quite awhile, but I can't find any reviews or much mention of her when I search. Thank you...
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    Cindy the Irish Lass

    Anyone know if Cindy 4038 is back in the game yet? Read on another thread that she was taking some time off late last fall and may be coming back in the new year. She's a sweetie and is sorely missed!
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    Kayla 5327 stolen pic?

    New advert for Kayla Leolist 5327. The second photo of her standing in the bathroom is the same as for Nikki 9028. Just saying.......
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    Valerie 40DD? New AD in GS 4787?

    New advert posted in the GS- "Busty Blonde BBBJ CIM Full Service.. 604-727-8747" The number looks familiar, but can't find it any searches. :confused: I called her up and she gave her address as North Road/Austin area, rates 100/30-160/60, bust size 40dd. Sounded suspiciously like that psycho...
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    Queensborough Kay huge rack

    Anyone seen the big tiited Kay in Queensborough recently? Advertises on CL as "volumshous sweetheart" # 6058. Rates are fairly cheap, so may be a "you get what you pay for" scenario, and buyer beware. Believe there was a review on her somewhere, but can't find when searching "Kay"...
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    New girl Jessica 9211

    Hey guys. Any info on this new girl Jessica, Ers listing with last digits 9211 on Victoria Drive? Pics, if real as stated, show a chick with decent sized tits. My experience with Asian Micros is usually there's some sort of B&S involved even with "100% real photos" I'm assuming this is one of...
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    Gentle hands in Langley CL 3324

    Hey Guys Has anyone seen this woman recently? Her photo looks really familiar- maybe she posted ads in the past with this pic? Looks like she's offering up massage with HE- anyone know if she offers FS, Russian, BBBJ etc.? Thanks.