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    TS Marga - First timer review

    from my understanding, she's usually booked up like a week in advance, and maybe your best bet is to write a nice intro and be courteous - and also book with a deposit. Good luck!
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    TS Marga - First timer review

    So COVID has made tons of people stir-crazy.. some have tried to cook at home, some started new hobbies, and some started to work out. For me, I started to experience with Trans-porn (LOL).. Long story short, I've been trying to make that fantasy a reality. Thanks to Kimura's urging and...
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    Ivy @ 1Spa or YoYo @ Dragon Spa

    I believe mama san said she's back in tw for father's surgery. won't be back for a long time (COVID quarantine is annoying). wish her the best
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    First TS Experience

    Thanks Kimura I’ve checked out your other reviews and it seems like we enjoy similar kind of women. I will see if I can DM her thanks again!
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    First TS Experience

    So would anyone recommend marga??
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    Is kitty 1190 legit ? Anyone tried ?

    Her extra service makes me nervous…
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    Amazonian recommendations.

    Y’all be tripping, Amazonian to me is just a tall chick that works out - not necessary a tall thicc girl. That being said I usually prefer them tiny.
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    What are your top 3 favorite shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime??

    How did you get into my profile? Lol. I also like Invincible on Prime. It’s like The Boys but by the creator of The Walking Dead