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    Auto Industry Woes

    Tesla is a buy direct model. Doesn’t seem to be doing much for price reduction though. The part that annoys me is the fake shortages and demand these dealers create.
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    Home Theatre

    As an audiophile this thread is hard to read :cry:
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    Traveling in from Seattle

    Yeah I added to the thread on the reviews thread. Wasn’t good.
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    International air travel

    Many international QR code’s will not work. I had someone go through this a few days ago. Print and obtain a copy of the QR code (best if you can have a picture saved of it) and also prepare any supporting documentation along with that. There is no uniformity to any of the steps right now so...
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    How do you guys last longer?

    Here is a personal, and true story. Many of us men/boys discovered there was something very fun to play with in our pants during the onset of adolescence. It’s an annoying/frustrating yet exciting time in life. I would use the bathroom and beat my dick like it owed me money. I would do this...
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    Is it overkill to dress up in suit or sportscoat/dress trousers for a session?

    The old saying: “A man dreams of a naked woman laying over the hood of a Porsche. A woman dreams of a well dressed man driving one.”
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    Traveling in from Seattle

    Yes I’ll post about it.
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    Daynight Rachel

    Considering how poor the general public is with social interactions (COVID made it even worse), there will be a growing demand for SPs. Prices are going to keep going up just like everything else. I miss the $160/45 days. Many of those girls from that 2010s era were hotter than the new...
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    Favourite restaurants in Vancouver!

    Japanese: Seto Temaki Bistro Sakana Shu Italian: Cioppinos Tavolas Di-Beppe Cincin Lupo Fine Dining: Hawksworth Giardino Bishops Botanist Vegetarian: Mila Heirloom When high AF: Dairy Queen Bubble World Japadog
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    Chloe vs Grace Daynight

    Yeah Chloe is probably what your looking for. It’s less about sex with her and more about chilling out and being like it’s a real GFE.
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    Traveling in from Seattle

    Grace, Chloe and Rose can’t handle a rough BJ/ DT at all. As far as sitting back and enjoying a really good HJ/BJ? May at yummyisland was still one of the best.
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    Chloe vs Grace Daynight

    Do you like the more shy types? Also do you like skinnier girls more? Usually I ask if you arr Asian or white haha
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    There are far less downtown condo based providers than +10 years ago

    Lots of reasons for not being in a downtown condo being told by someone who lives there. First, traffic is congested most of the time. It can take up to an hour to get from one end to the other during busy times. Someone travelling from out of downtown will experience longer delays during...
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    Jill @ Yumiko

    I’m going to treat the expense of my visit to doing social good. More details if you want but not necessary since it’s a no.
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    Jill @ Yumiko

    wait a few hours and I’ll post a review.
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    Do you tip the SP? If so how much?

    Assumptions of another’s expectation immediately curtails my generosity. What I have come to learn in my still youth, is that some people were never told/trained about how to best operate. If the service was great overall and the waiting staff were friendly, I usually still tip well and ask...
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    Do you tip the SP? If so how much?

    My girlfriend gets gifts all the time. I never tip or pay extra other than if it’s a regular or I’m too lazy to break change. I’ll often just round up the donation. So if it’s 350 I’ll just do 400 since it’s easier.
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    Have you ever booked an SP and upon arriving you realize you know them?

    It’s happened a few times. The most memorable examples have been: a friend’s sister who begged me not to say anything the moment she opened the door. an ex-girlfriend’s close friend who I suspected of being a cam girl. She swore she would never do such a thing and there she was! She was the...
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    RIP Norm

    I knew he was battling some health issues and I have a friend that recently said he heard he was apparently doing better. Very sad news. Grew up watching him on the news.
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    Has Anyone Had Feels For A Provider?

    Some people might really shit on me for saying this but the realities of dating is that the guy pays. I know woman that make 7 figures a year and there is something about a man coming in and taking care of/control that is inherently enjoyed. Most of the men I know feel a genuine sense of...