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    Auto Industry Woes

    Lol!!!! This put such a big smile on my face. Imagine you bought a car & week later realized something was missing (wrong trim, not having an add-on promised) and not on the invoice. Guess what the dealership would do. Point at the signature and tell you tough. The shoe is on the other foot now...
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    Zoe TGTBT?

    Yeah definitely have suspicions on this one. No links to the online content for the ad. Usually they post a link or website to get more info. Did a quick google image search and I found a hit for onlyfans pennypetite for the first pic. Location on her OF account shows UK so more than likely a...
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    Is sora / riri still working ?

    No she has gone back to Korea. No idea if or when she would be back.
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    Kira Zen or any other CBC/CBK/CBV Asian SP

    To clarify it’s Emilia. A few days ago when she had her ad up I saw she had beside her Emilia another name in brackets. So I’m guessing she is rebranding name wise
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    Kira Zen or any other CBC/CBK/CBV Asian SP

    Nguyen group is still active. But they post very infrequently. Connected with them a week or 2 ago. I do find the booker to be a bit easy to anger or displease and they stop replying. I have read in other posts that long time Nguyen group goers get the cold shoulder by this new booker. If you...
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    Seeking cimws/cimsw (skinny)

    @Heman90210 im reading you want CIMWS and skinny SP. Honestly CIMWS is pretty rare, tac on skinny as another requirement and the options are slim. How slim is slim for you? Body type pic for ref. If skinny isn’t as important I think there are a few ladies at asianfever that do CIMWS for extra...
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    Kelani 6582 - new LL massage ad

    I remember coming across this ad. She seems to have a different # now 6228 instead of the 6582. Tempted to TOFT..... but a bit cautious when they look this good in pic.
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    Girls that get really wet, like I mean wet !

    Yeah…. Teneseetuxedo slapped some sense into me. I’m gonna go apologize to the poor guy @Ragnarok15 in a pm. Fell into different stream of thought…. Well help derail the original topic. Sorry all Edit: Just wanted to add that I feel genuinely terrible. @Ragnarok15 I’m really sorry to have...
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    Girls that get really wet, like I mean wet !

    Ohhh you know what your probably right. I think it was someone else who suggested squirting some where on the thread and then the journal article posted. I just followed that stream of thought. what @Ragnarok15 probably innocently meant was just exactly was posted. Sorry there folks
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    Girls that get really wet, like I mean wet !

    we all make faux pas & mistakes @Ragnarok15. So good on you for taking the criticism and not getting defensive. Seriously wish more people was like that. I get where your coming from at least about the horomone part. However your conclusion about squirting and estrogen levels is a bit flawed...
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    Girls that get really wet, like I mean wet !

    I am no Johnny Sins but the porn on the internet probably skewed a lot of peoples’ perception ….. squirting can happen but depends on the partner/SP. Mainly you gotta let the SP know your into that and if they are comfortable doing so. Age could be one of many factors to squirting. Communicating...
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    Favourite Mixed Model new in TOWN 4585

    As long as their is $$$ involved. Someone out there will find a way to beat the system (at least until they are found out). This hobby will always have newbies to be lured in by bad agencies/SP. this case steal pics from reputable SP or Instagram or some social media. have to get burned before...
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    Girls that get really wet, like I mean wet !

    Look at that, citing source and from peer reviewed journal article. Bravo
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    Near Richmond (10-15min drive from yvr) there is Angel 0820 (FS) well reviewed. I have generally stayed away from Richmond in the last few years as it’s dominated by Asian agencies (micro) where b&s and some bad experience reported. K-girls have gotten some more positive reviews.
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    honestly I think your are several years too late for k-girls with $200/hr. Your gonna have to bump it up by $60. Or take a shorter session. 30-45min you will find 200-240. 260-280/hr is pretty much standard for k-girls.
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    Hot Asian downtown?!?

    She posts only when she is available. Tryst (search for Kelsey) and Twitter (search krnbaby604) best bet to find her info. Would book her just for fantastic service & hot body.
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    Hot Asian downtown?!?

    Agreed, she is awesome. But I believe she is no longer in town. Have to wait a while before she tours here again
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    Daynight Rachel

    Highly unlikely for the prices to go down again, unless something major happens (ie: demand drops significantly forcing either supply (selection of SP) to drop or price to drop ) The demand and supply curve has reached more or less an equilibrium..... for this hobby a higher starting price...
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    Looking for the my ideal SP (IG Model Type)

    Ohhh, lol I didn’t realize they had IG accounts. Sorry don’t have any useful information to contribute.
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    Valerie 2593

    Oh oooopsss you are totally right. Must have the wrong tab opened. My apologies folks. I went ahead and deleted the post. Can’t have people thinking I’m purposely pushing false info