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    Scarlett 2778

    Based on the pictures I thought it was going to be great. 260hr but the session only lasted 20 minutes and she was on her cycle so pants stayed on. Should have stuck with the regulars
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    Marisa 0710

    Has anyone seen Marisa she lists age as 38 but looks pretty good?
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    Stormy or patience

    Does anybody have anything to say on these girls. There ads look great. I have been burned in the past by mis leading ads, just looking for some first hand reviews
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    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/saskatoon/saskatoon_y-4446292 Has anybody meet with this lady, was it fun.
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    Margot 3036 Has anybody meet her?

    She looks likes a super cute girl, wondering if anyone has a story?
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    Good girls

    Anybody see any good girls lately, no Asian or dark girls?
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    Is anybody else tired of booking for the hour and then told it's all over after 40 minutes or less. Most of the time it ends immediately after the excitement. Very few are with you for your time. Saw one girl, arranged to meet at 3, spent first 15 showering and answering texts the said she...
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    Look for some info on 306 992-3822

    Just wondering if anybody has met her and what you have to say
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    University girl ending 5106

    I had a thriller experience with this girl, finally someone that makes an honest effort and spend the time booked with you. The session starts off much as described in her ad. The moves on to the real deal. She may not be the slimmest or smallest, but is honest in her description of her self...
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    Nicole 578-***-0338

    I have not seen her around lately, I do know she is from Edmonton, maybe she stopped coming?
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    Anybody seen or heard from melody merlot

    Tried to contact her with no luck?
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    Allyson 3139

    anybody have any thoughts about this girl, looks attractive
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    Any body meet her, seems legit.
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    katrina 3308

    What a waste of time and money, pictures don't match. Looked good online, but in person at most a 4. Chest was full of scares looked like she donates a couple organs. And skin was loose with rolls. I think form now on I will go to the den, where pictures match and service is good.