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    Hailey 5868- how to get ahold of her?

    Ive seen her for years. She generally only works Mondays and the occasional Sunday or Tuesday. Due to the ‘Vid, she’s not doing DFK but everything else on her menu is ok YMMV. She’s mainly seeing her regulars (like me ) but you might get lucky. Believe me, she’s worth it. Dat Ass!!!
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    Has anyone seen sadie bell 2355

    I tried seeing her today but texting with her was painful. I cut my losses and went to my regular.
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    WCA questions

    Someone asked me as well. I have seen one WCA sp but it was a few years ago
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    No more Swedish Heidi??

    She told me that she is now in another type of work. She did have a small window of time here and there but I’ve been unable to contact her since. Hopefully she comes back.
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    No Ates?

    No. White girls.
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    No Ates?

    Ive noticed a few sp’s state “no ates” in their ad. Does anyone know what that means?
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    Best tiny spinner around $250

    Maddi ticks all those boxes. I love to lick her box.
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    Seeking my perfect pussy

    Tia Luxx isn’t what she used to be. Swedish Heidi has a perfect little peach.
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    Craving a petite blonde

    I also recommend Maddi. Other good choices are Swedish Heidi and Cami Parker.
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    First Post: Downtown Recommendations

    Look up West Coast Angels (WCA). Any one of their ladies is what you’re looking for.
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    Need help..Sklyler Mack or Amazon Rylena?

    I haven’t seen Rylena but I have seen Skyler. She’s awesome. Spend the extra $ bro. She’s worth it.
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    My baywatch one piece

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    Blow and Go

    She moves around often. Next week she might be in Bby or Van. I’m not sure how the lack of tattoos make for a better bj but good luck on your search.
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    Blow and Go

    Miley’s skills are second to none. Doesn’t have big tits though.
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    bbbj recomendations, surrey, burnaby new west

    Miley gave me the best bbbj with cim that I’ve ever had.
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    Sasha 7328