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    Any chance of daytime rendezvous? Late morning ?

    Any chance of daytime rendezvous? Late morning ?
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    Hi Ashley. I hope to make your acquaintance soon. I’m a spirited 55 year old Canadian Caucasian...

    Hi Ashley. I hope to make your acquaintance soon. I’m a spirited 55 year old Canadian Caucasian and you have been on my radar for a long time. I know we would have a mutually satisfying time together. I should post more often but it’s hard enough to create “me time”, let alone write about it...
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    Recommends for a good massage?

    Yes - Anna does have a lot of tattoos. she’s a beauty though, inside and out, with or without tattoos!!
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    Do your buddies know what you do?

    No one needs to know. I’m a legend in my own mind !
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    Recommends for a good massage?

    Anna Lena is quite skillful with the massage, therapeutic first and foremost. You will eventually finish with a happy ending(s). You will leave with all the stress relieved from your neck and shoulders, but it will know be relocated to between your legs ! Just an FYI though, Anna is away until...
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    Sabrina White continues to scam

    I know it’s been mentioned before but the guy posting these pics and scamming CC info is at it again. I tried to Tineye ( and other reverse image sites) the photos, but cant find out who is in the photos. Anyone with better tech abilities? Anyone know who the blonde is in the photos ...
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    Nothing like a sex doll when you live alone in these times. How about you?

    From time to time on LL there are dolls available to rent for the night.... totally clean n ultra sanitized! I was about to buy one and then the little red head (Kylie) who I was about to purchase appeared so I gave her the perverbial test wipe !! I’m glad I tried before I bought. The only draw...
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    Netflix made Series

    if you haven’t done it yet sign up for Prime video, get the week free and binge watch the Marvellous Ms Maizel
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    Who will you see first?

    good call on Anna Lena. I’m thinking of prebooking and even prepaying ! I’m sure she will have some pent up energy that needs attention! She’s sooo hot n sultry... - inside n out
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    Recommendations for non-asian,interactive FS duo in Vancouver?

    inquire about Ella and Anna Lena, both connected to the pink condo collective
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    ♥️ ? Happy Tuesday ? ♥️

    Loving the bob haircut n the view of your beautiful clevage. Wow. not to mention the shade of lippy
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    A little Bray To Make Your Day!

    Alot :clap2: Alot of Bray made my day :) :- Looking forward to spending an hour with you soon.
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    Katie Day -7660

    Katie Day used to be known as Scarlette Legend. Personally I had a bad experience. It’s my opinion that she should have retired years ago. Her hourly rate doesn’t offer anything “legendary”, more of a time waster. Maybe she has turned a new leaf with the new persona.
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    Karmen Mandaz - has she returned?

    Wow - I’m so sad to hear this intel. thank you all for your input and updates. RIP KM RIP
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    Karmen Mandaz - has she returned?

    i hope she is alright too. Karmen did mention going to Paris before coming here. Perhaps she set up shop there for afew weeks !! If that’s the case - Lucky frenchmen !!
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    Karmen Mandaz - has she returned?

    Gents - has anyone been in contact with Karmen Mandaz ? We texted before she went back to TO and Karmen said she would be moving to Vancouver mid June. I have tried her mobile, noticed her website is down, no ads on LL, her directory profile on LL is gone and no response to her VIP Favours ad...
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    Savanna 5794

    Thanks gentlemen for the Intel. Another one who looked promising and texted all the right things. It's getting harder to find good help now a days!!
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    Tiffany 1309

    Gentlemen - the whisky hand clap to you!!! I was set for a Sunday visit but thanks to your reviews and research you saved me $$$.