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    Layla North, anybody tried?

    You could just pay for her services like the rest of us 😉😉 And if you do, I'm sure that review would be the most read review in Perb history!!
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    Cici 2032

    Did you try cici? Report please if you did.
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    Atlantis's pictures

    I know the pictures posted on Atlantis Spa's website aren't real, but for those that have been there, how close are the pictures to what the girls actually look like?
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    Favorite asian milf (current)

    Yup, apparently she used to live in Paris.
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    Favorite asian milf (current)

    Saw Jennifer 6684 over the weekend. She's quirky, but fun - had a good time. As there's some debate on her age in these forums I was trying to figure it out but it was very hard to guess - body of a 20 something, but I think maybe a bit older, but I don't think she's in her 40's. So best...
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    Greek @ Tiger

    Do any of the current crop of Tiger Spa girls do Greek? How much of an upcharge?
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    Tried & true, or new & exciting

    Topic of the day: As a few and far between pooner, if you have an opportunity to poon, do you go back to a successful SP or do you try someone who you've been eyeing for a while, but with some mixed reviews? Please discuss.
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    East Indian Girls in vancouver?

    Didn't ask about msog, had problems with her directions, so by the time I found her apt she was clearly looking to just finish me off and move on. She's from Toronto, no accent.
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    East Indian Asha - 416-818-3984

    Wrote a brief review :
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    East Indian Girls in vancouver?

    TOFTL with Asha as no intel on her, and the pics looked pretty good, especially the 1st two pics of her in the green bra & panties which fortunately she wore when I got there. Can confirm that the pics were of her, although I think there’s a bit of photoshopping done especially around the...