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    Quick Trip to Thailand, Helen at 99 St. Massage

    Last week I figured I would do something I seldom do and that is visit an MP. 99 St MP is reasonably close by and has recently been reviewed by someone who's opinion I respect. With a couple of stars (Cici and Helen) and a couple of up and coming girls who have yet to make a name for...
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    Mya...And the Second Coming!

    Nope have not heard of her for ages.
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    Kylie LL 7849 Don't bother

    Saw Kylie some time ago... huge disappointment. Alert.....Hair trigger, Expect Drama! Milf, not a stunner to say the least, no kissing, no daty, did not take her clothes off, mediocre cbj, pussy...bristly like her personality, and roomy I might add. Copped an attitude, when I wanted to try...
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    Luna LL 2058, Just What I Needed!

    With a dismal pooning year behind me and my vaccine having had a month to whip my immune system into shape, I decided it was about time I reacquainted myself with the pleasures of the flesh. Today I took an educated gamble on LL and based on a hunch and some clues I picked up from her ad, I...
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    (Russian) Apple LL 2058 Returns... :)

    The more voices the better. What is important to me, is useful information, not just a bunch of banalities that tell you sweet fuck all. Regards Pb
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    Arianna Baby LL 6825...Is the Real Deal!

    Great well balanced comments. Bad Santa. Your patience is greater than mine would have been, for sure. Anyone who has been around as long as we have, knows these girls march to their own drummers and forces unseen and unknown to us. It is unfortunate that sometimes one gets led down the garden...
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    (Russian) Apple LL 2058 Returns... :)

    When I saw (Russian) Apple's ad turn up on LL on Sunday, indicating her return, somewhat unexpected, I might say. My lusty contemplations were immediately arrested and I dived for the phone! I remember the voluptuous blonde goddess from Mother Russia with great fondness. We all yearn for...
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    Apple (Cousin of Russian Abby) LL 2058....... Milftastic!

    I saw Russian Abby several times when she last came over from Mother Russia, and became one of her legion of fans. Well, She has sent out Apple, her ostensible cousin, a woman of roughly the same age and build. Apple is a voluptuous blonde, with large firm breasts, a curvy fit figure, medium...
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    Elite Retreat

    Very nice MP one of the nicest in the city. Been there 2 or 3 times over the years, had a great time. The girls are hot, and proficient in what they do. Each girl would be different in what their menu is. Talk to the girls and they will fill you in, on what you need to know. There are much...
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    Arianna Baby LL 6825...Is the Real Deal!

    Saw her again this (Monday) afternoon for my Thanksgiving Pussy Feast! Arianna is great to talk to, that coupled with a personality that strikes me as being level headed and genuine, made our time together just fly by. It's one of those times when you never seemed to run out of conversation...
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    Arianna Baby LL 6825...Is the Real Deal!

    Hi Friends; Had a chance to visit Arianna Baby on Saturday! Did not know quite what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. I noticed Arianna on LL and decided to take a chance. Well what present to me was a rather tall, pretty girl, with a really nice slim body. Arianna is a very good...
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    Nataly KimVee - Wonderful Time -

    I bit tardy here. I managed to take in Nataly KimVee on her last swing through Edmonton a couple or so weeks back. Nataly comes out from Montreal on a fairly regular basis. Doesn't seem to advertise on LL but if you have access to baby cow you can catch her ads there when she is in town. Nat...
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    "K" from Wonderbeauty......Gaperific!!

    Financial constraints in the last couple of years have served to rein in the unbridled enthusiasm of days gone by, so I often have found myself opting for the Asian Micro Market (WB and SBB). I have found that they usually have, no negative surprises, bbbj (always), kissing, great value and...
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    Duo with Azalea & Dahlia

    Amazing review, Agale! I have experienced both Dahlia and Azalea, although on separate occasions. I don't think I could live through a duo experience with both of these pervy perveyors of passion. They always bring their "A" game so you need to bring yours! I am looking forwards to having...
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    From Russia with Love......The Amazing Abby......2058

    I have not made any contributions for quite sometime, due to many factors not the least of which is lack of coin. Abby came to my attention of late, her reviews were great and the price point was not a hindrance, so what the heck, thought I would throw my cock in the ring and check her out...
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    Buying a used car

    If it is just transportation, buy what ever the cabbies drive. There are lots of them on the road, parts are cheap, and the junk yards are full of parts for them. I am on my second Impala, most reliable and easy to fix car I have ever had. The model I have has fold flat back seats and I can...
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    Implants, in your jaw not in your chest

    I have a friend that had implants done in Costa Rica. A fraction of the Canadian cost. I have been told that some dental plans are happy to help you with the flight etc. as it costs them way less overall. So, Great dentist, would even put you up in his condo complex while you where have things...
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    Stuff to never buy at Costco

    I looked at Costco. For a single or small family you have to remember you are giving them $60 straight profit before you buy anything at all. At a few cents or dollars here and there it could take months to break even, if you are not buying thousands of dollars of stuff. Best for people who...
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    Edmonton! Blue Revue on Tonight Wednesday Sept 13/17

    We are planning on having some companions join
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    Edmonton! Blue Revue on Tonight Wednesday Sept 13/17

    Just a heads up that this evening Wednesday Sept 13/17. Canada's only Home made porn festival is going on at the Garneau Theater/Metro Cinema in Edmonton. It is quite popular, and good for a few laughs. Doors at 6, starts at 7. Wild assortment of people for sure. Wear your...