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    Ana Labelle from MTL

    So no one saw this girl? lol
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    Ana Labelle from MTL

    Did anyone see her?
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    Whistler weekend….any suggestions?

    Whistler sucks for SPs unless you take them there with you
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    This one is for all you delusional TRUMP Supporters. REALLY

    You sure you're not the delusional one trusting everything you read? I don't like the guy but I don't think he said you should do that. Use your brain?
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    Kim Jong Un in grave danger

    bad haircuts kill people
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    WHO, Gates Foundation, CDC ad more hacked..
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    WHO, Gates Foundation, CDC ad more hacked..

    I can't wait to see some juicy stuff about the coronavirus. WHO specially.
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    Canadian Oil Prices Turn Negative

    and dont forget crude oil and gas for your car not the same and lots of processing in between
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    Lucia laurent

    not into lots of tattoos but this one looks good
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    Sushi @AF

    how do you keep track of all the asian sps jumping around agencies
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    anyone know Joliane?

    it works only if legit girl dont send transfer to random ads on leo or twitter
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    funny videos

    that was entertaining
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    Wanna try out Great Pharaoh

    Pharoah and Tiger both good Pharoah mostly safe fun price is reasonable 150 standard going rate I rememeber
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    Chloe Hilton 5638

    I've seen her she's fun. She's very tan very enhanced lips cheeckbones long lashes lots of makeup probaby fake hair not to mention boobs. Fake plastic like she says on her ad. Her blue lingeri pics look real good!