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    Tasty sp's that genuinely enjoy daty/dato?

    The title says it all, I've been hungry for some fine dining and had poor luck. Lately SP's agree via text but become restrictive when it comes to the deed after recieving donations. I'm not particular about race, but under 30 is a plus. Bonus points for waxed! I'd appreciate any suggestions...
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    Jasmine 6065

    Hey guys, any intel, or recomendations on an sp that squirts and provides greek? Thanks everyone.
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    Fiji Melissa in Surrey - any intel?

    Hey guys, any experience with this one? Pics look great, and I didn't get hits on tineye. Thanks in advance UPDATE: I accidentally called instead of...
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    Nuru massage?

    I was thinking of booking one, but not really sure what i'm getting into... but oily body slides look fun Anyone ever get one? Share any thoughts?
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    Ally 1645 - nice tats!

    Found this one, looks cute. Mentions references, but i can't find reviews. Any Intel? EDIT:
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    SP's anonymity and a tip to stay safe.

    Hello ladies. First off, I appreciate what you do. I'm not an avid hobbiest by any means, but respect that it has the potential to be a difficult and dangerous job. Twice in the past 3 months I have been able to find the Facebook profile of an SP based off the pictures posted on leolist. It has...
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    Abigail 0486

    Any intel?
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    Alessia 1991 Any Intel? Dat Ass!
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    Has anyone seen Fallen Angel recently?

    I found old reviews, was wondering how she is today, feel free to DM me :) Thank!
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    Jenna 2565

    Hey guys, any intel?
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    Recomend some Greek !?!

    Hey guys, i have that itch. Haven't pursued the hobby in a while, and was hoping to get a few names to help with the research. Thanks in advance :)