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    ? for the board

    Today I was thingking about my recently ended trip to Thailand. I was spending time with this lady, we we're in bed doing the things that you normally do when your in bed, doing some fore play, well it all of a sudden popped into my head, why i dont know, but i ran my tongue down one of her legs...
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    Rev Bangkok/phuket

    Its been a week since I have been back from Thailand. The short ofit is that the food was good, the weather great, and the women beautiful. What more could a man ask for in life. My goal was to do 60 women in a month, but being old and even with cialisall I could muster was enough strength to...
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    its taco time
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    Merry Christmas

    just wanted to say that I hope all of our canadian cousins have a very very merry christmas. Dit
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    hillary for president
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    I knew this would irritate some people so I just could'nt resist

    Ponder this...if you will. If you Kill an American You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote...
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    rev; ariel

    L-8 very hot, skin is flawless, no tats, best enhanced boobs i have ever seen or felt, very sensitive to the touch, shes about 5'6" tall maybe a tad over 100lbs. dripping wet, probably a c cup a very petite lady, speaks very softly. A-10 friendly, sextual, ask you how you like it, very warm...
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    rev; olivia

    L-8 this is one hot lady. raven black hair about 5'8" tall a guess of about 120 lbs. B cup nice and perky, hardwood. nice ass defineately made for spped. A-7 relatively friendly somewhat business like, we never really quite hit it off, but a nice lady S-7 average massage, average cbj...
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    Review Eden

    just got back from victoria spent sometime with eden. It would be redundant for me to write what has already been written, howver i did come up with something new, her ass jiggles :p L-8 A-10 S-10
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    something sent my way

    this was e-mailed to me so I thought I might share it with you
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    costa rica?

    I will be traveling to costa rica for a little r&r in august need help as far as good hotels, bars, lounges prices of the finer things in life, would appreciate any help out there. Dit
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    Rev; Bangkok

    Just got back from Bangkok and I thought that I might review it for all of you. Arrived in country on Monday the 28th of March at 12:30 p.m. took a taxi from the airport to my hotel the Majestic suite hotel. Very nice veru clean and functional. Took a shower after being on the road so to speak...
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    will be traveling to bangkok in the very near future, was wondering with all the well traveled guys on the board any suggestions or ideas where one can go and have a good time. Was there 30 some years ago but things do change.
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    What a Brit has to say about the elections

    An English Historians View of the Elections Paul Johnson October 18, 2004 London, England The great issue in the 2004 election - it seems to me as an Englishman - is, How seriously does the United States take its role as a world leader, and how far will it make sacrifices, and risk...
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    what alot of americans would like

    HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO TURN ON THE TV AND HEAR GEORGE W. BUSH GIVE THE FOLLOWING SPEECH? My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of Iraq regime has been completed. Since congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our...
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    review-Sadie, Eden, Natalie, Alyssia

    Traveled to Victoria this weekend for a 4 day rest and relaxation holiday and it truly was worth it. Great food and great sex what else is there to life, doesnt get much better than that. Sadie(S.U.)- sadie I would guess is a little older than what her pics and ad admit to, but I could be...
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    worlds dumbest woman

    In the headlines Today a woman was stopped by canadien custums at the peace arch crossing with a grenade in her car when asked why she stated "that her husband is in the army at fort lewis(just outside of Tacoma) and that it was his grenade and that she was on her way to vistit him in...
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    be careful out there

    First off let me say that I am not a strong beleaver in coincidences, with that being said, Last thursday I went to the atm machine to get some cash , it wasnt much, just enough to hold me over til monday, well when the machine spit out my receipt I had to do a double take,what it the machine...