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    Any decent looking Asian sps into fetish and kinky play?

    I used to hit up Dora on Lotus spa on Victoria drive and since she quit, I cannot seem to be able to find any other Asian sps that seem to like my favourite kinky play or fetish requests. I only have a thing for Asians, strongly prefer Chinese, Korean and Japanese girls. Though that being said I...
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    Tina and Mimi from ispa?

    Anyone have intel on these two jems from ispa? I used to seem them regularly untill march of 2019 then things got busy and I didnt got there for a while and I tired visiting in summer of 2019 and nobody there seems to know who they are. I though it was kind of strange.
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    Mistress Miko active?

    Hey guys, I've been wondering if Mistress Miko is still active and if so, how or where would I get a reference to contact her? I've seen her twice before her website had started to ask for references. Your help would be greatly appreciated.