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    Vancouver Transit police with tasers

    as a part time gig i drive a bus please oh please issue me a taser LOL:)
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    The inevitable FALL of VANCOUVER real Estate

    dont think this has much to do with anything but an interesting stat that i came across today is that americans have 10 trillion dollars in mortgage debt, but the total amount of equity is 21 trillion.
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    The inevitable FALL of VANCOUVER real Estate

    I understand what your saying threepeat, but where i disagree with you is that the value of my home is based on the local market, the strength or weakness of the dollar doesnt come into tplay. except with maybe newhomes. the only time it would come into play is if i sold it and say move to...
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    The inevitable FALL of VANCOUVER real Estate

    there is a huge misunderstanding up north about this so called real estate crash here in the states. i like most of my friends refinanced over the last 3 years i got one of the higher rates and that was about a year and a half ago and i got in at 5.7% 30 year fixed. lowered my mortgage plus...
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    One dead in Virginia school shooting

    well 2 reasons LK 90-95 degree weather and if you have ever been to thailand you would know its not the same.
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    One dead in Virginia school shooting

    2 points well actually 3 couldnt resist commenting on it. 1 washington d.c has some of the strictist gun control laws in the country and they are pretty close to leading the nation in murders. 2 over 55,000 people are killed on the highways every year so maybe we ought to ban driving cars. I...
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    The 2008 U.S. presidential race

    to say integraty and politician in the same sentence i beleave is an oxymoron
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    Dixie Chicks win 5 Grammys

    it was all political period. they had to cancel half of their last tour and they barely sold over 1 million copies of their new album so actually the last laugh is with the people that boycotted them.
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    Client age vs SP age

    i am 57, dont need a walker to get around i work 15 hours a day so when i chose to play i prefer the younger sps the younger the better, but with that being said if i truly want a great experiance, and with being an old fuck, experiance is part of the game, you go with a lady in her mid to late...
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    An Inconvenient Truth

    2 quick points . china and india are exempt from kyoto and i wish global warming would kick in, its colder then shit here in seattle and we have already had a fucked up winter and were only a month into it.
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    Cliton For President, Hillary That Is

    i would also like to hear what mitt romey has to say and the dark horse would be newt gingrich for the republican nomination would be the only true conservative rumming.
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    Abortion - Is it Right?

    nformally i agree with the proposition that it is the right of the person to do what they please with their body however in the case of abortion the man is brought into the process, sometimes kicking and screaming. in the u.s if a lady decides to have the baby she can as most do take him to...
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    Cliton For President, Hillary That Is

    i guess i was in a fantasy world when slick willy and his bimbo was in the wh, my bad, but gbn is right we need a leader and that is not on the horizone. Obama is a creation of the media kind of like howard dean 4 years ago and the rest of the dems are midgets. on the republican side, i dont...
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    damn hot she is
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    ipod help... anyone?

    i use psp video 9 to convert to itunes and then to install in my ipod. but when i go on a trip i take my portable dvd player. Besudes when u play a video on your ipod it sucks up the battery power
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    what are you doing for New Years Eve....

    throwing a party at my place pot luck, ought to be fun to watch the people get drunk and act silly and stupid.
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    Did anyone see or read Kofi's good by speech?

    smackyo the u.s did not declare war on germany and italy until after they declared war on the u.s Germany declaredwar on the us on dec. 11 and italy followed suit soon after. with the u.s declaring on both germany and italy the next day. gbm the only historians that say the us didnt have to...
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    Did anyone see or read Kofi's good by speech?

    its amazing i have been gone for awhile on vacation to thailand, so havent accessed perb, but nothing has changed. Blame it all on the u.s. It wasnt the u.s fault that the un wouldnt declare rwanda genocide before it was to late, to this day the un wont declare darfur genocide. the real reson...
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    Recommendations for pooning vacation?

    thailand, spent all of march of this year there and heading back the monday after turkeyday for another couple of weeks.
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    Dumbest questions ever. Let's hear 'em.

    spent time in victoria a couple of years ago so obviously spent time eith a few sps sp. where u from me. seattle sp do u carry a gun me no sp r u sure me quite sp r u sure me yes sp well our news media says everyone carrys a gun me well they lied to u sp they wouldnt do...