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    Sakura from VIP

    Definitely not 40 kilos I’d venture to say about 55 kilos. She’s a healthy and curvy young woman. Perfectly fit
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    Sakura from VIP

    I agree with the above review. July 16/24 Met with Sakura last night. Beautiful face really nice curvy body nice ample bum great natural breasts with large areolas. Yummy. LFK DFK daty 69 fs. I didn’t get past hj blow job. Blow job mediocre at best but I she wants you to take control she...
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    HACHI (VIP) NEW review

    I saw this cute Japanese dud provider and I’m older and past my good years of looking good and I experienced the same lacklustre service and complained she pretended to not understand but she couldn’t keep up the ruse as she told me that I could leave in really understandable English so my spin...
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    Apple - 1516

    Thanks for taking one for the team I’ve looked at the website and place but have never entered the establishment because it doesn’t look very promising. Glad you enjoyed your massage that’s a good start. Cheers
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    VIPOTG - Riri

    Yes whoever looks after the vipotg website doesn’t keep it up to date for some reason There can be sometimes a 5 day free of girls depending upon their availability. A quick phone call to mamasan will give you some idea about new girls availability
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    Love @ VIPOTG

    Website always says that. She was 19 at sometime. lol
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    Haruko VIPOTG. My favourite GFE

    May 6,2024 Easy text or phone to VIPOTG mamasan to get an appointment Saw Haruko again tonight Wow Haruko you’re really amazing. I completely fall in love 🥰 with you every single time I visit you. What an incredible gift you are to us guys in Winnipeg. Thanks mamasan. Haruko ♥️ will be...
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    Jolie @VIPOTG

    The photos of Eva from the Vancouver agency are really accurate she’s definitely Jolie
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    Jolie @VIPOTG

    Could you please send me a PM on this Vancouver agency please. Thanks
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    Jolie true spinner VIPOTG

    My bad I started this new review on this cutie pie without seeing the other review Haruko was unavailable because it’s her time of the month she’s off till May 1st So I booked Jolie a young cutie pie Asian girl from Taipei City Taiwan for an hour. The profile photos are accurate. She’s 5’’8”...
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    ❤️Vipotg drop dead gorgeous Ava❤️

    She was born in Korea. Her mother is Japanese and her father is Korean. So technically she’s Japanese. I still think she’s in her 20s not 30s but really who cares. She’s beautiful and talented and she definitely looks Japanese. Cheers
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    Barbie LL - 3089

    Welcome to the club. Hoping you many happy 🥰returns She sounds hot. Cheers
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    ❤️Vipotg drop dead gorgeous Ava❤️

    I never got the chance to do fs with Ava and I did pay her for cim but In my opinion totally worth it. When I see her again I’ll go for the fs with her tight body it would be amazingly tight fun 🥰❤
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    ❤️Vipotg drop dead gorgeous Ava❤️

    She’s Japanese I asked her last night Part of the Ad description from Karma’s wasn’t changed to reflect Ava’s ethnicity etc
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    ❤️Vipotg drop dead gorgeous Ava❤️

    💕It would be a hard decision but I’d go with Ava. ❤️
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    ❤️Vipotg drop dead gorgeous Ava❤️

    communication via text texted no answer after 5 minutes I then phoned as mamasan has instructed me to do. She’s very busy sometimes she doesn’t notice the text message I booked an hour I wish I had booked longer. Ava met me at the door in a so so sexy pink lingerie and high heels which yummyly...
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    Must see Selina vipotg

    Sorry mamasan has no idea who I am so I can’t be a reference. Try this tried and true tested method. I would also suggest you try this on a really shitty weather day Mamasan could be easier to convince when business is slow Good luck. Cheers
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    Must see Selina vipotg

    Just so you know mamasan runs 3 VIP’s Winnipeg Calgary and Toronto I’ve been with VIP for 4 years and I have a good relationship with mamasan. When I’m in Calgary I text call her to book I’ve never been to Toronto while being with VIP. Text wait 5 minutes then call her as she’s told me...
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    Karma - VIP

    Thanks for sharing I now understand your preference. Cheers
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    Channel-4095 Not recommended

    Sounds like a total bummer deal thanks for TOFTT. and letting us know. Much appreciated. Cheers
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