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    orchid spa langley confusing ads! help!

    Best thing to do is text Orchid and ask who is working and they will send you the line up. I would recommend text because sometimes whoever answers the phone has a thick accent.
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    Try Luna's land 8005 on leolist. I just saw her today and she is awesome. She's shorter with a full figure and is a great choice for a good time.
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    Is it safe to bring valuables with me when visiting these girls ?

    With well reviewed independents or agencies it shouldn't be an issue. If you have any doubts about the provider because you are toftt I would go for a locker.
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    Traveling to USA with an SP who is face out on Social Media

    Never apologize for standing up for what is important to you. A lot of people seem to forget that there is more than one side to everything and other people are allowed to have a different point of view.
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    Hawk Tuah IYKYK

    I agree nothing like it, especially if the lady is really into it
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    Good msg with happy ending

    Go see lily at Jenny spa on fraser highway by the casino
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    Sunny 0436

    She is real and used to work out of the whalley area of Surrey. She has been mentioned in several threads previously but with a different phone number. If you search under Sunny In Surrey you should find them.
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    Danika James

    Jenny spa you'll need to book through mamasan for now.
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    Danika James

    She's still working from the spa, but I believe she had a vacation booked. She's also had phone problems as well. Text mamasan and she'll let you know if she's working.
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    Who'd you pick?

    Hell of a way to go!!
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    Oops I know that person

    Not really, we move in completely different social circles and most of the people in his life wouldn't have anything to do with me because of my opinions on religion.
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    Oops I know that person

    Once when I was going into an amp I ran into someone who works for a supplier that I deal with frequently at work. Him being seen there would cause him some serious problems due to his personal life, he messaged me several times begging me not to mention him being there to anyone he knows. I...
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    Best MPs in surrey/langley area

    I hadn't been there for a long time and after that it'll be an even longer time till I go back again.
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    Best MPs in surrey/langley area

    Not when she quoted me 160 gor a 30 minute nude hand job.
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    Best MPs in surrey/langley area

    Watch out for mamasan. I texted to see who was working and was told 5 girls were available, walked in 5 minutes later and was told no one was there right now except for her.
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    Any ideas which days?
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    Half service from non asian spinner

    Petite, slender, older lady. I found her attractive and really liked her boobs small b cup with responsive nipples. Not really a coin slot but not huge lips either.
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    Half service from non asian spinner

    Trust me she's worth the drive. Maybe hit the casino while you're out and make an evening of it.
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    Half service from non asian spinner

    Go see lily at Jenny spa in Langley. She's petite, Filipina, gives a great massage and even better ending.
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