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    SCAM/AVOID - Mandy Moreau - 0551

    So how much did you send?
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    Seems like the Rush crew.
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    I see it matters to you but of course it does not matter whether it's 1cent or 1million. Clap for yourself, what a brilliant comment.
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    I just hope guys learn from this and avoid been scammed.
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    How much is the deposit?
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    The Jess

    The faithful white knights in shinning armour using their heads below to think when there are great options out there.
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    Anyone seen amrita

    Say goodbye to those dreams.
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    Lina Staxxx

    It's just creepy to advertise, make arrangements then to cancel when it's getting close to the appointment. Maybe she just wanted attention.
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    Sophia &Tatiana 6182 scam

    The name connected to the number on the ad is sephora-6182, her duo is Tatiana
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    Kourtney 9270 scam!!!

    Thanks for warning and TOFTT. I was almost tempted to see her duo partner but the "party friendly" on her partner's ad was what made me change my mind.
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    Lily Paige - 2089

    Do you really think it's a connection or they are just connected to your pockets
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    BB Royce 2109 scam

    It's only legal if they registered which is why warnings like these are helpful in alerting people to stay clear.
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    Julia deville 9189

    I saw some reviews on her and decided to try her out, it turned out her reviews were right. She is one of a kind, just talking with her you know she is a beautiful and kind soul.
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    Cleo Katra 0669, ghosted

    If she has personal issues, that is not an excuse to still be posting and wasting people's time. I drove 35mins burnt my gas plus sometime waiting just to get my time wasted. I could have used that time to meet someone serious or do something productive.
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    Cleo Katra 0669, ghosted

    The same thing happened to me today, I texted to set up appointment and when it was getting close to the time she texted back that she needed 15mins that she was going to be late I agreed no problem, got there texted her, she did not text until 15mins later, apologizing and saying that she was...
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    Angelica 7460

    Can you post a link?
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    Shayna ?

    Even the age is too young for me. A lot of inexperience and not likely to know what she is doing.
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    Best dfk

    Those French touring, well reviewed legit ones in my experience this is their specialty. It's hard to pin point which one is the best with different varieties of sultry, yummy textures of lips and tongues.
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    Best dfk

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    Question and thoughts How many text messages should it take?

    Am just curious about what the time waster was texting 109 messages for. Maybe at like 5 - 10messages, the sp could have known it was a time waster.
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