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  1. bigdman

    Did someone ask thread to be removed or removed automatically by Mod

    I wonder if ~A~ post was removed by her request or just removed automatically by MOD...???
  2. bigdman

    Kudos to Carmen Fox's agency!!!!

    Carmen Fox, This one is for YOU!!! You are doing a great job by selecting the best ladies to serve Vancouver's most exquisite gentlemen. Kudos to YOU. I just wanted to post this thread here to let you guys (the gents who have not yet met the Foxes) Know how MUCH YOU are all missing out...
  3. bigdman

    THis is Frustrating!!!

    Man..., this is very frustrating from yesterday and up to now..., I have been trying to contact some well reputable SP's and its either some of them never called me back or some of them just taking days off. The ones that I got thru, I was a bit scared regarding their services (never seen...
  4. bigdman

    Half Century of Playboys Gorgeous Ladies

    Hi Perberts... The following link will lead you to some of the most gorgeous ladies of Playboys Magazine from 1962-2000 Playboys 1962 - 2000 Enjoy them and cum up with some topics to talk about...:D :D
  5. bigdman

    could it be any lower...???

    Can you find anyone wearing this lower than hilton :D
  6. bigdman


    Has anyone seen this lady (Jess) from Eros Jess Its sounds a bit pricey, but portion of her face looks pretty good...and that nice body...:D
  7. bigdman

    Where is Gabby?

    Hi Any members on Perb still are in contact with Gabby (used to work out in an appartment next to Lougheed Hwy skytrain station)?? any contact info of her? please PM me or email me. Thanks.;)
  8. bigdman

    Hannah on Euro-site

    Perberts... I would like to know if any of you had the opportunity to see Hannah advertised on Euro-website..., there is not contact number except an email address. Anyone...??? thanks. I did a search, there were many Hannahs/Hanna's came up, but not the one that is advertised in...
  9. bigdman

    Could this be Sssshawna ????

    Dear members I got a pm from one of the members on this board, who mentioned to me that Mia from this board might be Ssssshawna. I just paid more attention to her posts and a lot of the wordings are quite similar to Ssssshawna`s. I still do not have a confirmation if Mia = Sssshawna. But...
  10. bigdman

    Happy Birthday!!! - Michel and Chuck

    Happy Birthday to Michel and Chuck18 Treat yourselves good by making some phone calls...?? and Happy pooning - and write lots of reviews...........:D
  11. bigdman

    Julia's farewell words to everyone on Perb

    Thank you to everyone ...... Thank you to everyone who stayed out of a matter which is no one's business but mine & freddielikesit. There is a lot of me-bashing still going on so I would appreciate if someone would be kind enough to copy and post this on perb for me. Thank you Everybody. I...
  12. bigdman

    Rachel of Scarlett

    Hi fellow pooners... I am quite curious that Rachel of Scarlett is the Rachel from Richmond (formerly advertised as bored housewife on WE). Any one of you still remember?:confused:
  13. bigdman

    Doesn't she look familier?

    Hi Guys, I accidentally found this this girl in one of the websites..., do you remember who this lady is? I have seen her ad on some of the escort sites. Roxanne or Susanna? ;)
  14. bigdman

    Here's an SP with DD

    Fellow Perberts... Here is a Porn star with the DD size offering her personal services to gents. Here she is............. Gemini
  15. bigdman

    California Kate???

    I am just wondering if anyone have heard or seen California-Kate lately..., I had seen a few time before and it was quite some times ago... She was off for a while and then back on with ad on EC and gone again...her ad had appeared on EC on and off a couple of times...:rolleyes:
  16. bigdman

    I WOnder!

    I wonder who would be the luckiest guy to be able to watch/enjoy a Canucks game with Both Julia and Victoria-Lee on Thursday... Can I join...??? V-L or Julia, please PM me:D
  17. bigdman

    Yman, How's Dessi?

    Yman, Have you heard from Dessi?? still no luck for me...I just emailed her asking a couple of questions... It is odd, she initiated the contact and when I responded, she disappeared...or should I say vapourized from Earth...:rolleyes:
  18. bigdman

    Good position!

    I believe that this is one of V-L's favorite positions.............she can't resist at all if it is offered to her...........:D V-L favorite position
  19. bigdman

    Can anyone help me to open the door??

    Hey, Ladies and Gents, I found a very funny site, just wondering if you guys can help me to get out of the door..., you require to find all the items ...Help me open the Door, please! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!:D
  20. bigdman


    Just wondering if anyone has seen this lady "Rachel" from local escort site Rachel she looks very good with natural breasts.....:D
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