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  1. Saffire

    Happy B-Day Kev!!!

    Make the best of it
  2. Saffire


    Empty it......
  3. Saffire

    Hey VM - Happy Birthday!

    H A P P Y :) B I R T H D A Y ;) V M! :cool: Found your baby picture........ and got you a poster for your office.....:D .....another year....stronger and wiser......Dolphin 70a; 72a
  4. Saffire

    Do you have an STD?

    I was standing there, minding my own business, and this bandwagon came by.....
  5. Saffire

    bigdman is Back!!!!!

    Where the hell have you been??? We were worried sick you know!! Glad you're back sir. Happy posting. :)
  6. Saffire

    Happy Birthday loves2learn!

    Another Libra in the midst. Hope your day is happy and balanced :)
  7. Saffire

    Hey Bigdman!

    Happy Birthday to you my fellow Libra! Saffire
  8. Saffire

    Perb withdrawl....

    You don't fully realize how much time you spend at this site until you can't ! Any of you looking for ways to break your habits? Break your ethernet cable. Then have Telus charge you insane, unneccesary amounts for dial-up while you wait patiently for them to deliver your high-speed modem (...
  9. Saffire

    Hey, guess what?!?

    It's Pacemakers Birthday today! :eek: I think this is only the second one this week....
  10. Saffire

    Comes back to bite you in the ass

    Where is the line between trust and stupidity? It seems the more I believe that people will treat me with the same respect and level of trust that I give them, the more I get screwed over. Here's the deal: I had a client Friday night. He planned for the hour and mentioned that he might want...
  11. Saffire

    False Pictures...

    I know there will be a few that will get a small kick out of this.. sssssooo not really her!!:eek:
  12. Saffire

    Identity crisis is over.....

    I went to sleep early this morning as Sapphire, woke up this afternoon as Saffire. FredZed can work wonders if you ask him nice. ;) Saffire ps - e-mail is now [email protected]
  13. Saffire

    Little Asian Guy

    Happy Birthday LAG! Hope it's a good day for you.:) Saffire
  14. Saffire

    Lets all smile for a while

    The concern and support you have shown has meant more to me than you will ever know, and there's just not enough bandwidth to support what I would like to say to you all, as words just can't sum it up. I'll just say a simple, yet overwhelming "Thank you". It's Canada Day, and I don't know...
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