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    Trisha @ Penthouse

    Look on the bright side Joe --- it can only get better !!!
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    Actually, the more I think about it, there must be at least a dozen trawlers all posting to this board using the same name. Call security!!
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    Cripes trawler there ANYBODY is this town you ain't hobbyin on? :)
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    all natural breasts

    Gabs are delicious
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    info on edmonton girls

    BS - I think we bin through this before. Shannon/Shanyn (check the website) hard to get hold of. Same ladies? My Shannon is blonde, tad overweight, mid 30's, what I would call mid to average MP. Check my review of Brooklyn in here, also at XTC and you will get almost comparable. Both are nice...
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    Kitt @ DejaVu

    Well, no references I'm afraid. :( On the other hand, I have always thought it would be a great idea to see if I could do anything for a nymphomaniac!!
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    First Reviews

    I don't have the website handy, but Christy of Edmonton should come up in a search. She don't like any of them bad ass reviews at all, nope no sir. And she don't like any them good ass reviews either.
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    Re: black sp's in edmonton

    Gabrielle, i thought the Supreme website said YOU (not Kitt, who I have no idea where she is) are on holidays until the end of February. I just checked. It's Sandy, who is on holidays. And she, along with Alex is also on my list of "Hello, you gorgeous honey." :) Much sorry for my bad.
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    Re: black sp's in edmonton

    You can chase down my review on Nicole in here some place. Maybe even my one on Leah. Nice lady but just a bit too chunky for my liking. If I can't find Kitt, Gabrielle says she is on holidays, I guess I will be back to see Nicole. Oh shucks. :) Works for me.
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    Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

    Many of my best friends are Americans, and they are just as baffled as me as to what the fuss is. When it comes to government and politics down there, and getting this way up here, we have to fight against being at the mercy of the American marketing machine. Get real. Down there, and by...
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    Throwing in the towel

    Ah yes...the lovely Alex .... also a must see one of these days.
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    A couple of reviews

    Gabrielle and Kitt, still on my list of people to meet, things to do, places to go ...but this time around, something about Brooklyn at XTC caught my eye. I think it was that smooth skin that glistens in the photo, especially that one of her on her tummy. Someone mentioned Zoe and her silken...
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    A wee gripe to some MPs

    I moved this from one of the other threads as it seems more appropriate here. I didnt think it worth a new thread: For some silly reason I had it in my head that going for F/S on the first visit put off the lady. You know, get to know her first and see how you click, if everything works out...
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    SP Favourite Position

    Lets see Standard Missionary - ass on bed - do me Uptown Missionary - heels on bed - let me help me do you AssSlappin Missionary - Legs in Air Slam Me hon My personal preference is the Uptown, because when the babe wants to rock she can ROCK, both the others ho hum. Question still stands, am I...
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    Some Reviews

    Great typo sal - I love it - and its true too