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    Concerning adds in Kelowna

    Thanks for the info. If you want to weed out some of the online only profiles on LL you can choose "incall" with the "Availability" feature under filters.
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    Ashlyn @ BB…. Finally found SP willing to….

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    Preet 3259 Scam Alert

    Also advertises in multiple locations at the same time, clearly fake.
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    Oh man, I'm happy to hear nothing happened to you. Thanks for the info.
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    Haven 0612???

    Pictures are close enough (she has more tattoos and different hair color). Attitude was great. Inside incall (her westbank home) was nice but location, parking and neighbors just hanging around outside are not ideal. She drove me wild, knew exactly what to say, how to move, where/when to...
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    Kelowna Girls

    The ad has been around for years, but there is no name and the number keeps changing. Personally, I'd like a provider with a little more reputation. Super hot pictures though.
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    Thanks for the review of Kasha 3811!
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    Penticton Massages - TOFTT

    Thanks for the "hard work", look forward to an actual review of Fujiya.
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    Sage and Rose

    Yup, got it. It's a different tajia, but lovely to talk to, great communication.
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    Small Tammy 9587

    Fake pictures they are of a "Bently" the ad also used to use that name until we sluthed it out here:
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    Sage and Rose

    Sage is Taija? as in the one that used to have incall in rutland by the shell? or a different taija?
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    Tyriah 2214

    Tyriah 2214 again looks too good to be true. First post today. But a guy can dream.
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    Ashley 1918 Ashley 1918 looks too good to be true. Newly posted today. The pictures are of an Ashley 0902 from Abby not to be confused with Ashley 6930?