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    Not a former client. Was the first time I seen her. And the only one with bad habits was her.
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    Shanti LL 6576

    Save your money. Check review on her posted in Brandon section.
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    She is real. Good looking nice body. Spent most of the time either vapouring or switching the tv channels. Wasn’t showered smelling of BO. Didn’t get into any thing and barely talked. Waste of cash.
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    Save your money toftt
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    Was wondering if any one has seen her. Her ad is on leolist cute blonde with tats she has had a ad for Brandon in the past. Last number of her phone 1990 thanx
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    Has anyone e seen Cora in Brandon or have any info on her. Thanx
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    No name

    Pm me as well
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    Kelly..Any see her ?

    What about Samantha. Any info
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    Ebony Helen

    Seen some mixed reviews on Helen. More positive then bad ones. Just wondering is she worth the chance. Been wanting an ebony girl for a while and now that I'm in the city she seems smoking. Please help not in city for long. Lol.
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    Looking for fun in Brandon

    Funny how your review is on her add before you toftt. You asked about info with link to her ad and there was your review.