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    Veronica Knight

    Saw her back in November! Wanted to see her again but she is more restrictive now.
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    Vienna 4086

    Have you toftt yet?
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    Brandy Modelo

    This girl is the same one who posted as Jade la Modela in the past. Saw her once before but her new ad is up on tryst. Has anyone seen her to see if she is any less restrictive? She's smoking hot but the service is very restrictive and she didn't seem to enjoy her work at all. Hopefully she...
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    dion 7307

    Hey how was drive?
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    Any intel on Gina Lopez 7877

    Ive seen her add up occasionally. Just wondering if anyone has seen her. Thanks
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    Emilia rossi.. TGTBT ?

    Yeah I need a review. I'm super tempted