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  • Never been. How safe is it? Personally, I would avoid ... I'd be very excited to go to Thailand, although it's not as cheap as it once was... Heard good things about Vietnam.
    Japan would be cool. If you want to bang hot white chicks, I would go to Prague.

    Have a good trip!:biggrin1:
    Jun doesn't do it for me...although I see the lure that she looks innocent and hopefully hasn't had 1000's of clients!

    Do you still live in the USA?
    Neither of the Langley Ladies that I saw offer CIM. I think Langley is a beautiful city unlike the dump known as Metro Vancouver.
    Langley ladies look very good but I find the prices to be quite high to be honest. For those prices I want 2 shots on goal, BBBJ, and CIM.
    Also, I live on the North Shore so Langley ladies is 1 hr commute 1 way, non-rush hour.

    Do any of the ladies offer BBBJ and CIM?
    Good luck with the girl at your library! Take it slowwwwwwwww...don't scare her away talking about all your conquests!!!:lol: Nothing wrong with wanting a woman in your life.
    Personally, I am not even looking at the moment. Don't trust most females and I've got too many other things to worry about these days...
    Too far to drive for me... I live on the North Shore. Plus, I stick 95% to young Asian women.
    I would never do DATY with a SP. The thought of other guys balls slapping into that area makes me feel ill, but I can see the lure of it. Most women really really enjoy it. Just like guys love having their balls and dick sucked until completion!!!

    When are you going to settle down and get married?
    Bwahhahaaaa... I am hardly marriage material for several reasons. Kids...living in Vancouver? Are you insane? Sorry, I don't have a cushy 150k a yr municipal job to take on that kind of lifestyle. Not to mention, I have no desire...

    I haven't been pooning but thinking about it. Any hotties you can recommend?
    How are things overall?

    LAG disappeared off the radar. No longer friends...
    You gonna start charging money for cuddles soon? You could be a natural at that honda :nod:
    Your true calling in life?
    You should become a regular with that sweet Japanese woman. Get to know her and see if you have chance with her long-term.
    Then take some pictures of the two of you and tell your co-workers you are married now...:clap2:
    I thought you retired? Hope all is well
    Glad to see this hobby never gets old for some guys! I agree there are lots of hot white chicks but most seem rather greedy and too expensive for my budget. (At least for now...I didn't win the 64 million lotto yesterday):doh:
    Koreans are the best bang for the buck, in terms of looks and $ in Vancouver.
    Sleep???? what's that?
    Hey, how is that Japanese SP you fell in love with a couple months ago? Are you pounding her weekly??? Did she disappear like 95% of SP's after 1 month of service?

    I will always think Vancouver sucks ass! Expensive, really lame economy, bitchy women, rains all the time, ... but unfortunately, I am stuck here for family reasons...at least for now.
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