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    molly from asian fever

    I haven't seen her since she returned, but here are some earlier comments:
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    I tried Macy, booked through another agent. It was not good at all. I imagine she might have been having a bad night or a long day or a stomach issues or something, but even then it was not a good session. Kind of cute and the body was decent but definitely not the girl in the photos. No...
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    Iris YL (Chinese) ... not Iris U (Korean). / Pear (Cambie and Marine)

    She's back =) saw her tonight, she was so good....
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    Lisa/Rita 6423 honeybb

    She went back home just before Christmas. She was pretty nice, I liked seeing her and hanging out with her. HoneyBB has been down for quite some time, too, but kept the website up for now, and most of the girls on the site have gone back home or to Toronto. A few are still in town, but not...