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    Scam? Or what's the deal?
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    Thanks for the heads up.. I had considered contacting. The whole scene is BS right now it seems.
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    I dunno man.. Plumbcrawl brought up some good points that I somehow totally glossed over.. Kind of nervous. Wish there were some reliable options in town :(
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    Anyone seen Rose before? I'm interested, but lately everything seems sketchy..
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    Anyone see Nana? I've texted her a few times, and she just keeps sending the exact same message about her rates etc... SOmething feels fishy, or possibly she just really doesn't...
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    What's a guy to do....?

    Leolist seems like a wasteland.. Am I looking in the wrong places??
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    Anyone seen Stacey?

    Haha.. Damn dude.. Wouldn't have guessed from the photos.
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    Anyone seen Stacey?

    Thanks.. There's no one to see in town!! This is frustrating. Texted Gina, but she's tied up today :(
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    Anyone seen Stacey? Seems like a fairly legit ad, I just can't tell for sure anymore.. lol
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    I'm also interested if anyone knows.. I've been on the hunt for a while.. :(