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    Suave Asian Group / 7138 in Richmond

    Isn't Suave spa closed down now? I went by about two weeks ago and the door was locked and the inside was gutted.
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    Suave Asian Group / 7138 in Richmond

    They have a website listed on their LL ad, which looks like another K604 type of joint. Are they recycling providers like everyone else or is this something different? B
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    West Richmond?

    I know where some of the shops use high rises for their girls but I'm wondering if there are any AMPS that I may be missing in the area. Watercube isn't far from me, but looking to see if I've missed any gems tucked away in any of the strip malls on 3 road or anywhere west of three road.
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    sanya/mia 8574

    I was curious, did a deep search and the same # showed up on a London (UK) escort site where the comments were that it was fake. I don't know if it was the ad, or the person they met, but one guy said it was just an ad to get people to go to her Instagram and OF accounts while another said she...
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    Richmond Amp’s similar to Swan ?

    Sure, but everyone's definition of MILF can be widely subjective. Yuki at Atlantis is technically a MILF but she looks like she's maybe 30, and with the best ass I've ever seen on an Asian woman. Others think a MILF has to look at least 40, whether they are or aren't, to qualify. I look at what...
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    Kayla 8839 & Ashley 9309

    Her roommate is much older, but Ashley is more legit regarding age. In fact, the photos on LL are actually her. I won't say how I can confirm but there is a physical attribute that I easily see in the photos that I saw in person. She had a good body, accurate to the ad, and I particularly liked...
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    Richmond Amp’s similar to Swan ?

    Atlantis is just a few blocks from SL, with mostly younger women. Do a search, there is a LOT of info.
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    Slim with big breasts - Greek providers - Help!

    I second that. Amazing Greek experience, beautiful, with big naturals and an ass to die for. Wish I could see her again:(
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    Anyone Try Ava Doll 1192?

    Saw her ad on LL for Richmond. Confirmed it's her on IG but she looks like someone that used to advertise before? Baby Doll or something like that?
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    Looking for tattooed Asian sp

    Philys (formerly Piggy) at Yumiko. She also has a beautiful big ass and big man mades. She's like an Asian Jessica Rabbit.
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    Babe 4535

    I tried texting, no response.
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    Asian duos?

    In the title it says "Ariel".
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    Ringo 604

    Sorry, should have been more clear. She wasn't bad, had a very nice smile and seemed genuinely happy to meet me. I stayed because she had such a great attitude but I would not go back. I didn't mean to imply she gives head like Kaka. I meant she has a look that would resemble Kaka decades ago...
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    Ringo 604

    I met her several months ago. She is definitely Japanese, but also definitely not young. She's very engaging though and gives good head. Thing Kaka, but like maybe 70 years ago when she was only an Auntie.
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    Prone bone?

    Isn't prone bone also "lazy doggie"?