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Thread: Hard to keep a good man down...

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    Hard to keep a good man down...

    ... so after half a year of struggles, I've decided to jump back into the game. It was very difficult to juggle two lives, one public and one private, so in the end, everything had to come out public. It was a dark time, but I think it was better for all parties in the end.

    Here's a short summary of some of the ladies I've seen the past while:

    Anita @ Bex - she looks about mid-20's, 5'4, 110 - 120 lbs, B-C cups, short hair and speaks pretty good english, although most of the time she spoke chinese, which i understand. she gave an ok message but of course i was there for other things. we decided on the normal amount and proceeded to neeked bodysauge, cbj, and multiple positions before finishing off. she has that innocent/ bad girl look about her, like the ones you see in those chinese tirade movies. would be a repeat.

    Cici @ Bex - she's about the same built as Anita, but with longer hair. She speaks ok english and she also spoke chinese during our session. she gives a very good deep message and went on to cbj. she climbed ontop and switched into missionary very smoothly, like reclining a car seat. there's something about shanghai chinese girls that i don't really like so she's not really my cup of tea.

    Sasha @ CL - looks mid-30's, about 5'5. breast were really saggy, which turned off the whole session for me. finished off quickly and left.

    Elizabeth @ CL - pretty lady and fit, 'bout 5'6. somehow i wasn't into the session that day and maybe should've booked some other time. cbj was really good technically. multiple positions were allowed.

    I also had encountered some ladies at CC, but couldn't remember their names. One was a lady with an english accent and the other was tanned, 'bout mid-30's. The english lady was very nice and had a great time with. The other was very good as well, except that she had saggy breasts as well.

    Note: all reviews should be read with a grain of salt since everyone's tastes are different, especially when rating looks. Try to find the reviewer's history and see if they are consistent with your own experiences and views.

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    Welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about the conflict, but if it worked out better for you then I'm glad.

    As always, great information!

    Cheers, Trapper

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    I can sleep well again! Whew!!!!!

    RR is back in business! I was getting a little worn out trying rustle the contents of your stable during the above noted absence. Nice to have you back.

    And, I know what you mean about the saggy turnoff!

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