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    About SwedishTouch

    A question to those experienced boardmembers, do the girls at the Swedish Touch offer DATY? How much would it cost for the girl to go all out? Thanks for the info.

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    RE: Swedish Touch...

    Hi sky...

    I have been to the ST and have posted a review on my experience there. There are several good reviews posted on this site if you take the time to do a search.

    It is very expensive, there are some great ladies there. But the Website IMHO is misleading. Finding those women may be difficult. You have to book ahead.

    You better have a shit load of cash on hand to have a good time. There are much better options in this city.

    The cost of getting a SP at the Touch to go "all out" is likely ridiculous. You will need several paper routes and a part time job for this.

    Best of luck,

    PS ...dont use your credit card...
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    Thanks, Bobsled.

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    the girls at the touch are gorgeous but most of them charge $$$ to $$$$ for fs on top of the room fee which is more than a brown so you're looking to spend at least 5 brown if you're planning to have a good time there.

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