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Thread: Jaimie at Cloud Nine

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    Thumbs up Jaimie at Cloud Nine

    Well, after a nooner at the Penthouse, why not end the day at Cloud 9?

    Jaimie was on duty, and by far my choice for best looking of the trio available. Nothing wrong with the others, but she turned my crank.

    Tall at 5'8 or so, long red hair (ass length, again), slim build with good b (maybe c) cuppers up top. One of which was pierced with a little barbell. Somewhat reminiscent of Nicole Kidman in her overall appearance.

    Great massage with hot oil. I enjoyed receiving it, she liked giving it, and we both enjoyed the reverse.

    She's pretty open of mind, but daty was politely declined as an "occupational hazard". She did make up for it in other, open minded ways though. Yippee!

    CBJ and FS were enthusiastic, with varied positions, and she likes pearls too!

    This was a little harder hit in the wallet, at 2.3 browns for the hour, including a while in the tub. Still, it was good value from a very friendly lady.

    So between her and my "nooner" friend, that was two strings of pearls in one day. Not bad for two girls whom I'd never seen before.

    Big place, conveniently located beside a peeler bar!

    Go back again? Yup.

    All in all, not a bad day!

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    I had a session with her recently, since I am still in the mood for fair-skinned redheads.

    She looks good, and she did a good job with the massage and extras, but the overall experience wasn't very good. Maybe it was a YMMV thing, but there was no chemistry between us at all. Very stilted conversation from her, she leapt quickly off the bed when we were done, and there wasn't even a customary walk to the door nor a farewell hug.

    I did meet Brooke and Raquel and I think I should have gone with one of them instead. It's a shame to have a session on that huge, luxurious bed in the Roman room without getting anything close to a GFE or a PFE.

    As for my current jones for redheads, I think I'll stick with Rosanna at Fantasy...all she needs is a similar Roman room bed.

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    It must have been a chemistry thing for you wolverine. I've been seeing jamie for quite some time, and all ways have a fantastic time with her. Maybe we just work well together i don't know. I'm not big on red heads but her service is a 10 for me.

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