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Thread: Hoping you guys can help

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    Question Hoping you guys can help

    Hey guys,

    Never been to a MP before but am really tempted to try it out one of these days. I need your guys' help however. What should I expect in terms of pricing? Can someone list out the various services and the average price or price range I should expect for each service? Also, are these prices listed all inclusive (massage and entrace fee)? Thanks. It is greatly appreciated. I promise once I go to one, I will post a review on this board.


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    The best advice I can offer is to lurk on these boards till you have a better understanding, read a review, check out a pic if the MP has a web site, then go visit.
    The first time its best to let the girl ask you for what services you want, and she will give prices. It is not a cheep hobby.
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