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Thread: Abbey @ Classy Ladies

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    Thumbs up Abbey @ Classy Ladies

    Big thumbs up for Abbey. I've seen her twice now, and both times have been excellent. Lots of DATY, excellent CBJ and fantastic sex. She doesn't like being on top, so be prepared to do the work. She's tight, hot, and seems to enjoy the act a lot. Best part is that she's not afraid to let you know what she does and doesn't like. Plus, she looks great in her knee high boots.

    Definitely my favorite right now.

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    Have u tried melody for classys? shes great. everything you like plus more!!! shes young, hot and tight more then one way. did i forget to mention great cbj and blonde. 19. do i need to say more?

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    I believe she's working at Classy Ladies now, though I haven't confirmed that. I expect she'll have new photos there soonish.

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    True, Abbey does prefer Missionary, but I haven't had much to complain about with that. She seems to really, really enjoy the position, y'know. I guess what I like about her is that she seems to be enjoying what I'm doing as much as I'm enjoying what she's doing, if that make sense.

    My list of folks to try at Classy is down to Pandora, Kayla, and now Melody. Anyone have an opinion on Pandora?

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