I enjoyed a wonderful morning with Victoria Jolie.

When typing her name I remember how she says it with that lovely french accent. I would not describe her as Amazonian since she is not visibly muscular and not overly aggressive.

Victoria does know what she likes and has a self-confidence about her which I appreciate. The willingness to take charge and allow the same from me as well made for a great session. She is well proportioned as you can easily see in her pictures from her website and is closer to 5'9" without shoes. She is truly a gifted woman that I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet.

Victoria being new to our area but not to the business has learned a few things about Edmonton that will help her in future visits. She is staying at a hotel that has card locks in the elevator which I find awkward. It did work
out fine anyway.

Definitely one of my better decisions to go visit this special woman.