So when Victoria Jolie announced her impending tour I decided it was time I re-visited my French heritage. After a few messages were traded, I had a tentative appointment. All that needed to be done to secure it was a reference. I asked a dear friend if she could help out in that regard, which was done in very prompt fashion and for which I was very thankful. The next few days were spent in nervous anticipation. So finally this morning it was time to go for my extended coffee break.

Right on time I knocked on the door, which was opened by this very tall and attractive woman, dressed as she promised. She immediately put me at ease and we proceeded to get to know each much better. The menu was extensive, the interaction was genuine, and delivered with enthusiasm. I would give her top marks in all aspects and would definitely repeat. She mentioned that she does intend to return so if anyone is unable to get an appointment with her this week it appears that there will be chance in the future.