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Thread: any info on Madame Cleos

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    Cool any info on Madame Cleos

    I also posted this on the massage board. Would like any info if possible on Madame Cleos. Is it worth a trip off the island , is it strickly massage? Thanks

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    Are you nuts? From what I've read, Victoria is mecca for hobbyists. If you've been to CL, I think you'll be disappointed with MC. They do offer full service, but for full price! Don't expect anything special, just regular FS. You also have to pay for the room. I would say your looking at four browns for the hour with FS.

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    Madame Cleo's

    Yo chuck1561:

    Sounds like a classic case of "the grass is greener OVER THERE!"

    If you ABSOLUTELY have to confirm that you DO have it made in Victoria, then come on over. But, avoid Swedish Touch and Madame Cleos unless you want ultra high-end service which may not be value compared to other alternatives in Vancouver. These other more reasonable alternatives (cost-wise) are readily assessible if you do your homework on this site.

    Good luck. But you really do have a plethora of sp talent on the Island. Itchy feet??


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    Ya I agree with the guys. If you have money to spend go for it but don't expect a good service from them. I would suggest you try the Platium Club. Heard that place is pretty good.

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    Has anyone checked out the Platium Club since it reopened?

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    I Still Like the Swedish Touch all the girls look like playboy models I know I know but the MONEY, I love the gfe indys too but I love Small tight hardbody women at the st
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    Say No To Gunt.

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    The girls at Madame Cleo's are hot but there are too many rules for me about what you can and can't touch or do. Or with some you can touch, but EVERYTHING costs extra.

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