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Thread: The street is tough

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    Unhappy The street is tough

    I just wanted to let someone know how much of an idiot I am and I don't want it to happen to anyone else.

    I live downtown and last Saturday I had a few too many drinks and was wandering around Seymour/Richards. It was about 4:30am ( don't ask). I saw this girl walking up towards St. Pauls, so I started talking to her and she asked me if I wanted a date, I said sure how much. She said a brown for a really good time. Dumby that I am, "okay". Went to some motel on Howe street $59 and got a room. Well, let me tell you, I couldn't lose any harder in Vegas at a black jack table. She told me to pull my pants down and tried to get me hard by jacking me off. I really wasn't into it, I was more concerned with 5.0 busting down the door. 5 minutes went by and she said, "look you'd better get up or I'm out of here". I told her that she could at least show more skin than the stuff on her face. She told me that she would show me 1 tit for $50. That was the end of that. I pulled my pants up and walked out. I wanted to tell the bitch what I thought of her, but I thought big Leroy might be waiting outside. Won't even describle her, I think they all work that way down there.

    Please confirm that this now offical membership to the Jack Ass Club.

    Has anyone else been successful or had the same experience.

    Jerr - a.ka. Donkey

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    Hey Kev, actually i think he said it was a brown bill for just the HJ

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    Total $159 guys...

    Read again...
    Your Friend,


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    Thank yo Hamster, I can see I will never live this down, but I guess a lesson learned. "Always stay indoors, this is not an outdoor activity".


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    The street is a ripoff

    I let old one eye do the thinking for me on Richards and Seymour. And right across the street from Mdam Cleo's too. And it cost me $300 for a HJ and a view of two boobs.

    Lovely blonde w/ legs to there and a promise for a great time for $100. Well, that was to talk at the hotel room.

    Lesson learned. Go for quality!!!

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    Yaaaaaa, I am not the only guy getting taken for a ride. I want to know who those guys are that are actually picking them up. They have to be rich off shore people, because your average wealthy guy would most likely opt for a MP or an incall, why would they risk the BMW and having their name with 5.0.

    If someone can give me the general run down or characteristics of one of these cats, then I can sleep soundly tonight.

    Jerr (Donkey # 1)

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    Part 1

    Okay time for everyone to tell their street story. I was on business in TO

    While walking up the East side of Jarvis I pass (Maitland?) a section where there are a number of SW hanging out. I wasnít looking to pick anyone up. I had already drunk to much to perform well. I donít do SWís anyway. I spotted what looked like a very nice tall blond. I doubled back around the block nodding to about 3 SW as I went. The blond was just getting in a car. Damn, missed out. Well the last SW on the corner was a very tall slim black with slightly scratchy voice. Well the SW locked on my arm and started walking up the street chatting me up. Suddenly I think something is wrong. I nonchalantly (nice try) drop my hand down only to bump into a large piece of meat and this TS starts freaking and screaming but has now latched on to me so tight I canít break loose. (continued next message)
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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    Part 2

    (Continued from part 1)
    Anyway, I always keep a few stray dollars in a pocket. I pulled out a $20.00 and the She Devil let go and did I ever move. To the other side of the street. 2 Ladies latch on to me there and one says is everything okay? NO, I say! So one offers to take me back to my hotel room to help me feel better. Well one bad experience a night is enough for me and I turned her away. Only lost $20 but I know better. You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get somehow. Be careful out there remember for both the hobbyists and the providers there are disreputable ones out there among us. Thatís why the board is great. Learn from others. BE SAFE and BE CAREFUL.

    For those dumb shits like me Ė If you are on the East side of Jarvis in Toronto you are on TS side of the street. The West side is for the ladies with no balls!! Yes this is an inside hobby
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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