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Thread: Savoy Executive Club?

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    Savoy Executive Club?

    Has anybody been to Savoy? Who would be good people to see there? I tried KayKay and she says shes 20ish but I think she's early 30s. I like her body and attitude but her face is ok. Gave me a very good HJ.


    Service rating was on the HJ.

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    Anyone been to this place? Drove by couple times and wondering worth a visit.....

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    Went there one friday night couple of weeks ago..
    They have a ncie setup which actually looks like a real health club.. they have sauna, excercise machines etc.. You go to the front desk.. pay the room fee which was i think 45 for 45 minutes or something.. search for savoy and there is another post with correct rates.. so yeah.. you are give a key for a locker and off to sauna.. then you are guided to the room.. it seems to be a big building..
    You dont get to choose the girl.. I was told that at the front desk and yes you have option to send a girl back and ask for someone else.. I asked the front desk lady to send me someone who is real good at massage. The girl she sent was Elaine.. wont tell her age but definitely 30's (I find it hard to guess the age of chinese women).. She was just average in looks department. She did an excellent massage.. By that time for some reason I was not in mood for any extras.. she offered me specials midway in the session but I declined.. she was very unhappy about it.. started to tell me typical massage girl stories that how they dont get paid anything out of room fee.. Quality of massage also declined a little bit.. but still it droped from excellent to v good.. if you like hard massage.. thats your girl... The rates that she told me was 100 for BJ.. I only laughed as she probably thought that I am new or something.. she kept whining in the rest of the session about money.. I took a shower which is in the room and she went out and came back to escort me out. I felt bad about her because initially i did planned for rub and tug.. I asked her what she would like for tip and she said 40.. Hell you get a bj at escape in 40.. but I gave her 40 anyway... it was worth it though because of excellent massage..
    looks - 5.5 (only face.. other things not factored in)
    attitude- 5.5 (too much whining )
    service- 8 (for massage only...... no specials performed on my accord)

    hope this helps.. sorry I had to post this review but totally forgot about it for some reason..

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    So, this place looks quite legit (sauna, gym stuff). Clean? w/ lockers and stuff.... maybe I will drop by sometimes. But it does looks expensive.....

    Thanks for the info.

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