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Thread: The Famous love SP's!!!!!!!!

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    The Famous love SP's!!!!!!!!

    Charlie Sheen

    Adam Clayton - U2

    Anyone else?
    Your Friend,


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    another name / intro

    1) Hugh Grant
    2. numerous others in Heidi Fliess' little black book

    Hi everyone, this is my very first post to your board. I live in Seattle, and historically have only seen Kaylee and Lexy (Sugar) in your fine city. I've seen them both as a duo, and once each for multiple hour/dinner dates. I have read lots of your posts on the disappointments with Sugar's no-shows and inconsistencies, as well as the interest in perhaps placing a boycott on higher priced SP's that do not necessarily deliver what they're charging (of which these two have been mentioned for that list). I respect you all as "locals" and market makers in Vancouver, and want you to know that I do not plan to "abuse" the favorable US/CD exchange rate by paying up for higher priced providers UNLESS I hear from you guys on this board that there is someone really worth seeing. (in other words, I won't participate further with ones you feel are damaging market prices).

    I do have my cravings, though, for really hot women with amazing bodies, and will "take one for the team" when the opportunity is this Nina gal on that Hamster had!

    Okay, that's enough about me...just wanted to introduce myself as a friendly peer that wants to play fair. Take care...


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