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    [email protected] Nine

    Her pictures on the web site really attracted me, so I had to go see her.
    She gives a okay body shampoo, and the extras were acctualy cheeper then normal.
    She has a great body and a pretty face, however over all her looks just dident grab me as they did on the site.
    She is very nice, and attentive.
    Service Looks Attitude
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    I got around to trying her out recently.

    Nice slim all-natural body, slightly tanned but otherwise fair-skinned. Attractive Ukrainian/Eastern European face. Nice, friendly personality. Must have brains too, because she mentioned that she studied chemical engineering and is actively seeking employment in that field.

    The session itself, which was held in the Roman room, was up and down. Very tentative in the tub...she just sat there and kept her hands to herself. I expect (and I often give and receive) lots of stroking and teasing during a Jacuzzi session. The massage itself was adequate, with some teasing that warmed her up. The extras included reverse and the full meal deal, which is where she excelled the best. Very good BJ. No DATY, but in my experience that becomes available after a couple more visits and if she's horny enough. We managed to utilize the full hour, so it was definitely an unrushed session.

    Looks...................8 stiffies
    Personality...........8 stiffies
    Jacuzzi.................0 stiffies
    Massage..............6 stiffies
    Extras..................7 stiffies

    Would I go back to Tasha? Not sure yet...she's adequate for the service and won't send you away unhappy, but she's not someone to write home about. Could be first-time jitters, but I've had a few first-time sessions that have blown me away immediately (Rosanna at Fantasy comes to mind). Besides, there's other Cloud Nine girls who I'd like to test-drive: Jaimie, Brooke and boss-lady Stevie. I said hello to Jaimie....she is a young gorgeous redhead who has a passing resemblance to Nicole Kidman. I'd have gone for her if she wasn't booked up.

    BTW, I love the large massage table in the Roman feels more like a bed and much more romantic. Plus, there's no danger of someone falling off the thing when the sessions get wild! Tasha said that she doesn't care for it because she's used to standing during a massage instead of kneeling. But I'm sure that one of my personal favorites could have improvised to ensure a more enjoyable experience for both of us.

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    Go for Jaime. See my earlier review. 'nufff said.

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    Re: Body shampoo

    Originally posted by Marcus
    Curious, what exactly is a body shampoo?
    The room is a tiled, it has a hand held shower and the MPA uses a liquid soap/ body shower gel to lubricate your skin instead of oil or powder.

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