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    52 Street Relaxation

    Once upon a time a friend needed some release. He happened to find 52Street Relaxation. He went in and was greeted by a 30ish brunette who wasn't bad looking.
    After deciding who's turn it was he was put in a room by My. She was a 5'5 Asian lady who was around 30 or so. She had a sundress on and had decent size tits. He paid the $25 and she left. My friend rested on the table which was on an angle and about 6 feet long. He was wedged against the wall somewhat but quickly forgot about that and concentrated on the release to come.

    My came in about 7 minutes later. He was wondering what was taking so long. After she arrived she started to oil down his back and give a light massage. She lightly scratched her nails on his back. This felt good. She gave a bit longer massage with a little more pressure and this was ok. Not the best massage but relaxing none the less. In broken English she asked if there was to be anything 'special' needed.

    For fiddy bones he was going to get the release he came in for. But that didn't stop there. He say the tits through the dress so he had to have the topless. They were fake but they were nicely done. Nice nipples too. He was impressed. She was also impressed by my friends manhood and decided to give a discount so she could feel this in her. He happily agreed. She left the room and came back a minute later to put on a hat. She didn't want one hat worn but two. My friend found this odd. They hurt like a bitch when she put them on but he was a trooper and after that her leg was propped up on the table. She had a little belly from having a kid I guess but he was going at it from behind grabbing her tits while she moaned. He placed her in front of the mirror and kept giving it to her. He was starting to notice an odour. This wasn't good. He tried to ignore it and held his breath for awhile. He looked down and saw that his willy was a little daker than it should. Was he nailing her and her 'friend'? He was not impressed. A sick feeling came over him and he was losing interest. He asked why there was blood and pulled out. Four big drops of blood fell on to the floor. He almost hurled right there. He asked WTF and really didn't get an answer. He asked why she would do that on her rag. She said she wasn't on her rag and proceeded to show him her panties. This was not helping any. He was speechless as he grabbed his towel and opened the shower door. She kept saying it wasn't her period. Either way he didn't care and just wanted to sterilize his nuts.

    After the shower there was an uneasy feeling. He did not get his release. There was penetration. What should have been the outcome?

    I'll keep the outcome for awhile.

    As for the review of the place itself. Clean and easy to find behind the Zellers. Smaller tables. Decent showers.

    Staff seemed alright. Wendy and Janet I think seemed to be of average looks. No fat hogs.

    As for My she would have been good for the topless release for sure if you like Asian. I should have stuck with that but you have to roll with it.


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    Because I felt like bumping it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlimShady View Post
    Because I felt like bumping it.
    just feel like telling u 5 girls at jj ending with 4018... go with the korean girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by bummer909 View Post
    just feel like telling u 5 girls at jj ending with 4018... go with the korean girl

    Now if that isn't a form of spam I don't know what is.

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