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    Thumbs down Kama Sutra

    Located on 105 st and 106 ave the place is on the second floor of an office/warehouse type building. The handy rear entrance is nice. That's about it.

    The main floor tenant that backs onto the rear entrance is a dog kennel, the place STINKS!!!

    Saw one of the gals working, named Alexis. BIG pot on her yech!
    I asked her the rates and was told $20 for the room and tips from 60 to 200!!. I asked again, tips 'start'? at $60 and she nodded like it was a steal of a deal especially with a gal like her.

    All I can say is that I high tailed it out of there with my $$ in my pocket.

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    Was there once a year ago. On a whim decided to try them again with a walk in and take my chances. Was met by Allie, pretty & busty brunette. Was also introduced to Veronica, short & pleasant but decided to go with Allie. Nice, teasing massage. Very receptive when we went for the reverse. Incredible dark eyes, kept drawing my attention away from her D's. Will definitely see again.

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