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Thread: Lilly Northland Massage

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    Lilly Northland Massage

    Located at 31 3616 52 Avenue. Behind the Mac's in the strip mall across from the school.

    Asian place. Fairly clean. Was met by Lilly and brought to a room. Dimmed the light and came back a few minutes later. Gave good massage with some teasing and some ball brushing from behind. Had a russian for topless rates. Good time. Good HJ with ball rubbing.

    Lilly is about 5'-5'2" decent 32A-B tits with bigger nipples. I had average time. Nothing to blow me away. Sounded like FS was available on return visits. Not 100% sure though.


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    I had a chance to visit and had a decent light touch massage with Lily. $30 door rate and $40 tip.

    Mid 30's?? Asian. Not overweight. Decent frame. Maybe A-B tits. 5'2 or so. Maybe 100lbs.

    Hope this helps with the few reviews lately.


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    Question N.W. Massage

    any update on N.W. massage?!!!!
    Lilly, Jojo, Joan and Cindy any review please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Update on Lilly. She's still there. Quickies for $40.

    No other information at this time.

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    Visited Lily tonight,

    Seems like you guys have fairly low standards. I feel like I was being massaged by my mom. Eek.

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    Maybe I got the name wrong? There are 3 of them there.

    Anyway about the low come you stayed for the massage from your Mom if you have higher standards???

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    Hey Slim,

    I only stayed for the back massage for 45min for $.4

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    I love my mom but I cannot imagine a massage from her. Now if it was from your Mom??

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    Happy Mother's Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Funloverking
    I feel like I was being massaged by my mom.
    Hey, FunLover...if it's not too rude of me to ask, would you mind posting your mom's phone number?

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    Har har, funny guy You ARE really desperate!

    Come on, this town is lacking some serious quality young tight GFE providers. Any other major city in the world is better than here.

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    For those of you who are interested to see what I'm talking about, here's a site in Hong Kong that will show you that there are more new sp's on this site everyday than there are sp's in Calgary as a whole. Not to mention that this site represents not even 1/10 of the total sp's in HK.

    Oh yeah, the prices shown there are all inclusive, as well, the exchange rate is $1CAD = $6.5HK. Which means you can get full serve incall for less than $50CAD.

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    A young hot GFE would be Elexsis

    Hey Funloverking you havent seen Elexsis yet?, her pictures my not do her justice she is good quality she is more beautiful in person then her pictures on he site make her out to be she is younger 22 and im in love i would marry her if i could try her out and let me know what you think
    Mr Bunkie

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    I may have to do that after I come back from San Fran.


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    No problem by the way be careful she gives a mean bj
    Mr Bunkie

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    Talking hong kong here I come...

    FUNLOVER... that website is rediculus!! Someone tell those girls to come to Canada!!!! WOW! I wamt to get on a plane and spend a month there now...


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