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Thread: Twins @ Velvet Touch

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    Twins @ Velvet Touch

    Went into Velvet Touch the other day and told that tiffany and britney were in and they were twins. I was like WoW, Twins, so i decieded to give them a try(never had twins plus this was my 5th time to a MP, 3 here in Edmonton and twice in Toronto). Massage was OK, just got the n/r since i was with both of them. One of them just touch the other and when i ask if they kissed they just give each other a little peck. But they do encourage alot of tit sucking which was ok but i am more of a pussy and legs man. DATY was off the list. Overall the experience was just ok nothing special but i can say i been with Twins.

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    Interesting. So what was the fee for two at once?

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