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Thread: Sin City

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    Question Sin City

    A buddy and I are planning a trip to Vegas. I know there is information everywhere but I would like some PERB members perspective.

    Any experience with SP's, Studios, MP's, Gentlemen's clubs or any other diversions that you know of would be appreciated. I like to participate in all aspects from good strippers to lap dancers on to FS. Anything on locations, websites, $$, etc.

    Feel free to send me a personal message.
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    Fun in Vegas

    Last time I was in Vegas, my buddy and I asked the cab driver as we were looking for a change.

    He took us to Dejavu. Bring your own drink, they only serv. mix.

    DATY, ............. you can get a realy good time in the private booths and theme rooms.

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks FUN.... That is definitely on our list. Can you give me an idea of $$ for theme room and booths, cost of ladies and extras?
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    Sin City

    Vegas is good, but the talent down there is pretty expensive plus its in USD . Was down 5 times last year and a buddy got pretty poor service in ou room for six browns USD. From that moment on, we think Van is the best deal out there. The Crazy Horse or Spirement Rhino is the best for peelers, lap dances are green USD, don't bother going in the back room for a brown USD. There is a pretty interesting place called the Green Room where they have live amatuer shows and you can join in if you know what I mean. It's like a swingers club and everything goes. Good Luck.


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    Jerry, thank you for your insights. They are on our list.

    The Green room is an absolute must as I see it. I assume it is in the book in Vegas or do you have an address? I subscribe to TUSCL and it wasn't there.

    I agree with your sentiments. I have not done a lot of hobbying in the US. NY I took a pass as I couldn't afford anything but low life. Toronto sucks unless you go to the burbs. Some not bad strip clubs. Tacoma is terrible and Seattle pricy by Vancouver standards. It is harder to find quality at a good price in unfamiliar territory.

    My opinion on Vancouver is there is lots of action at very reasonable prices but you do have to shop - but then that goes with my byline. $300CAD is $200US and that's where the US market seems to start.
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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    Sorry, my mistake it is called the Green Door.


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    Wink Vegas

    When in Vegas you have to remind yourself that you are paying in US $. I usually pick up SP from the bars in the hotel that I am staying at. Most of the major hotels have 1 bar that the sp will congregate at. They usually don't come out until after midnight (I think the hotel security overlooks their presence after midnight) and the starting rate is about 300. I usually am able to talk them down between 150~200, but that still is US$. Also I have never been able to get much more than your basic FS from them.
    I also like to go to Olympic Gardens to watch the strippers. It cost $20 to get in (includes 2 drinks) and laps are also $20. YMMV on the girls but if you sit and watch which one give high mileage in no time you can find your hands have no boundaries. I have heard that some of the girls work on the side but I have yet to find her, without spending less than a $1000. Stay away from the champagne rooms, as they are mainly the same as anywhere else!
    Good luck!
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    Deke, thanks for the info. It looks like the strip bar crawling is the fun times with reasonable cost. The FS activity unless you hit a payload is saved for home.

    Jerry, thanks for the update.
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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    well, I think that anyone into this hobby should visit Vegas at least once in their life...

    Having said that, and considering that not everyone is "loaded", I can honestly say that I have yet to be in a city that gives you more "bang for the buck" than Montreal, Canada.

    Yes, there's quite a selection there, and you'll be paying in canadian dollars, plus if you do your homework you'll be able to find incredible service with a beautiful french canadian lady for extremely good rates. I know not everyone is keen on the french part, but believe me, you'll get your money's worth.

    Anyways, I'd still go to Vegas, the sheer excess of the city is hypnotizing!

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    Yes, Vegas is great. The problem is that after hanging around with beautiful cocktail waitresses, showgirls and tourists it is hard to not break down and spend the US currency once in a while.
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    Live near Vegas, too close in fact, go there too much.

    For strip clubs, in order of quality: Crazy Horse Too, Spearmint Rhino, Olympic Gardens, Cheetah's , Deja Vu, Lil Darlings. There are other smaller clubs but are only worth visiting if you still have $ in your pocket. Note, there is a new city law so you may not get as much touching as before. If you got game, you may get one to leave the club with you, expect to pay big tho.

    There are many SPs in the hotel lounges or in the casino floor. Prices are dependent on the hotel, I find. Good middle of the road pricing can be found at MGM, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo. If you are rich, go to RIO (lots of hot SPs), Venetian, Bellagio, Mirage, Ceasar's. I also like the hotels on the Old Strip, your money will go alot further. Easy to pick out the SPs late night or early mornings, they usually hang by the tables looking to see who's got the big stack of chips.

    If your are lucky and you are partying in one of the many night clubs, you will also run in to a lot of working girls especially young ones.

    I tried a swingers club Red Rooster last year. Just checked it out. Heard Green Door is good too, haven't tried tho.

    As mentioned in previous posts, the pricing is alot higher in LV compared to Van, as I am finding out especially if you take in to account the exchange rate. You should be able to find some service for $$ but don't expect much quality. Can't wait to spend my green backs in Van!

    Have fun, don't worry about the money, unless you end up needing to take out a second mortgage

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    Wow Derek,

    Are you sure you're name isn't Aaron ? I could swear you and I went down there together after hearing about your little tour (too weird).

    Derek is right, stick to his advice.

    Oh ya, my buddy called one of those chicks at a rate of $50, but when she showed up it turned out to be $600. My buddy couldn't perform because of stage fright and the fact that she was taking 5-6 calls while being a cow girl. When he told her to turn the phone off she claimed harrassment and her buddy would rough him up if it continued.

    Always make the deal before they get back to the room(every detailing)


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    Thank you all for your information and suggestions. I do go to Vegas periodically but it has always been with a partner. It looks like the trip will be in the New Year.

    Jerry BTW does the Green Door in any way even vaugely resemble the graphic descriptions on their Web site or is that just ridiculously exaggerated fairy tales?

    I will heed the advice and suggestions of all of you. I am expecting it to be an expensive trip. However this may be once in a lifetime to go there single.
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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    My experience just as an observer was quite interesting. I rolled into this place paying $40 USD, thinking I was getting ripped off. As I stepped around a dividing wall there was a couple just going at it, then turned my head there was another 3 some going on across the room. Then there was a hot tub full of people going at it. It was pretty interesting that nite.

    That was good nite. Not sure if that is typical though.


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    Resurrecting an old thread...

    I just came back from Vegas & (wo) was incredible. I hadn't been there since I graduated high school. I saw 3 Canucks games (didn't get to see the end of Game 7 because I was on my way home...& I could have written a novel about that)...

    Anyway, I wanted to add to this thread my experiences.

    I went down there with virtually no money (less than 200 US for 4 1/2 nights). Although our CAN$ is getting stronger (at about 73 cents to the US $ as of today), the US is still comparatively an expensive place to travel to.

    Fortunately, I met up with friends (from Vancouver) who hooked me up with hotel, dinner, drinks.

    For those guys who are going a little light in the pocket, I can recommend you to stay away from the Bellagio. You'll see incredibly hot women at the Baccarat Bar, but they are incredibly hot for a reason: $$$. They can sniff out the drunk tycoons & clamour to them like snakes. But, if you've got $$$, who knows? YMMV.

    The Aladdin right now is supposedly in bankruptcy, so if you want to take a lady back to your room (although everywhere I've read recommends against it), there's no security to stop you & it's a nice hotel (across the Bellagio).

    I went to a couple night clubs (Ibiza USA at the Aladdin, the Beach, Studio 54 at the MGM Grand, the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio, & the Ra at the Luxor). With the exception of the Beach, the others played a heavy rotation of dance & electronica).

    However, if the club scene is not your scene (it's not mine to meet women), the Hard Rock Hotel bar in the centre & the MGM Grand's bar in the centre are great places to meet women, possibly women that aren't SPs. There were guaranteed SPs lurking Hard Rock, but the women I met were post-college age looking to party (& mighty fine as well as no attitude!)

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to check out any of the strip clubs as I got way too drunk (with incriminating pictures to prove it). However one thing I did remember is that before I went to any of the clubs, the taxi drivers would always make a point to either tell you or stop by Club Paradise, which is across the Hard Rock Hotel. If you go in, the driver gets a commission. It got annoying after awhile, because that was something I wanted to do at the end of the night...if I didn't get any play. Big recommendations from the taxi drivers were Cheetahs, Club Paradise, & Crazy Horse II. It just made me wonder how much of a commission they guys make.

    About SWs though...there were two that my friends & I noticed that were outside Barbary Coast. It was weird because the Strip is relatively a flashy place & they looked out of place, as they looked kind of haggard. It was a little sad when they mentioned "Everyone's looking at us? Why is everyone looking at us?" We were looking at them because they look way too strung out...a little out of what the Strip typified...regulated "fun".

    All in all, I'm definitely going to Las Vegas again.
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