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    Jenny @ Classy Ladies

    I've spent some time trying to figure this one out, as it was a mixed experience for this contributor.

    Marketing: The young lady who presented herself as Jenny was either: 1. not the Jenny on the website, or 2. been there long enough that the website photos are hopelessly out of date. Judgement: old photos. She now sports many tattoo's, most of which, IMHO, have little or no artistic value. Machine guns, decks of cards, serpents on the breast, take your pick, she's got 'em all and more. Also, the C in 36C looks a little optimistic to me.

    Sales: Unlike other Classy gals that I have seen, she would discuss nothing until the 1/2 hour or hour question was settled and paid for. She looked good with her clothes on, and was described as the most open minded of those sitting there when I called, so an hour it was.

    Restrictions: No kissing on the mouth, which quickly became nothing above the shoulders. No fingers inside, but the perimeter was fine. We did not talk about Greek or perhaps a string of pearls, but my guess is no to both.

    Tricks: Make him come quick was the plan. When I mentioned that we would need multiple sog or the half hour rate if she kept it up, the response was a firm negative on both counts. So we pretty much agreed to just enjoy it for an hour.

    The Preliminary Events: CBJ was good and spirited, but not deep, and little tongue action. No tongue or sucking on the teabags either, which was a dissappointment. Dinner at the Y was on the menu and was a pleasant experience. She seemed to enjoy playing with herself from time to time, which I get a kick out of.

    The Main Event: Many positions were tried out. Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Climb aboard and walk around, Doggie, Against the Wall, Ankles around my neck, probably more but my memory is slipping. Doggie was very active, she either liked it the best, or was trying to speed up the conclusion, as we had been into the main event for a solid half hour by then. Anyhow, I thought the bed was gonna break, and it did almost finish me off.

    The Timing: A definite clock watcher. At 45 minutes she started talking about the time. At 55 minutes, I decided to finish it off.

    The End: A firm, rapid, pounding in Missionary did it (doesn't it always?). As I began to download, she did the "Lock the hips, keep it out" trick, which I can't stand. I mean, it's wrapped up right?

    The Conclusion: The body and looks were good, if not quite as advertised. The tattoos and the ending turned me off. To restrictive? Yes and no, I like the fingers going in, but many laugh when you talk about DATY. I was pleased with 98% of the Main Event. Sooooo?

    Overall, it was an enjoyable hour. Fair, maybe even good value for the investment. Not a repeat for me, but certainly not a negative asessment either.
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