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Thread: Live Links Girl from Pitt Meadows

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    Live Links Girl from Pitt Meadows

    Has anyone ran into a Live Links Girl from Pitt Meadows? She does duos with a friend and they are 22. If any of you guys have, please post a short review! Thanks.

    All I know is that they charge $40 for BJ.. or x2 for the two.

    I have the number if anyone is intrested email me

    [email protected]

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    Thumbs down Please Dont!!

    If you dont mind a redheaded hippo and her lesbian man freind, then go ahead, but the prices relect the looks. The one has FAS. and looks like shes got downsyndrome. so I dont think its worth the drive.

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    Guys, look at the date of that first post.
    Just an average Dick!

    After age 45 it is time to stop worrying about being cool and worry about staying alive.
    Me (1958-)

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    That sounds like just what I'm looking for. Wonder if they have a midget wrestler (female of course) who could join in a session?

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