First off I'd like to say hi to everyone. While I've visited this site a number of times, this is my first time actually posting something.

I was hoping that you guys might be able to help me out. I'm very interested in visiting a certain lady located in Surrey, but I've never gotten together with an escort before, with the main reason being that I'm too nervous about the legal side of it.

All you ever see on COPS and in the movies is guys hooking up with escorts and then the next thing you know the feds are busting down the door hauling the dude off. So, I guess my question is, do I really have anything to worry about...and are the cops really that active in real life. I'm from Washington state, and I know pretty much everything having to do with escorts is illegal down here, but in BC there's a ranging flexibility.

Sorry to sound naive, but I was hoping you guys could help educate me.