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    Smile Other resources

    Thanks for keeping this board up and running. Lots of good information here. Since Vancouver is quite close to Seattle, a lot of the ladies travel to and from and from and to.

    I'm sure many are aware, but, a local Seattle board I'd throw my props out to (with only minor reservations) is TRB (

    A more US board I also frequent is TER ( but also with some reservations.

    Another popular board has had a significant amount of visible law enforcement action.

    If I can be of any assistance, please drop a line. Thanks for all the good work and keep it up!


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    I do believe that many SP travel to the US from Canada, but not many SP from Seattle come up here. The weak Canadian $ seems to be be the major stumbling block as SP cannot afford a major cut in fees.
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    Question US (Seattle) SPs coming to Vancouver

    I wonder how many of us would be willing to pay the equivalent US price if some prize Seattle providers were to come north? Let's see.... US$200 = C$360. I note some of the local talent is beginning to think they are worth about that for 1 hour, not that I've seen any at that price!
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    You are probably right

    Seattle providers may not like the exchange rate, but from what I experienced, the food and drink seem to run slightly less than the comparable in Seattle.

    But now that I think of it longer, it does seem more Canadian providers come to the US. I actually do not know of a Seattle provider going north. But I also wasn't paying attention to that aspect.

    Also in my limited experience, it seems Canadian providers are much safer than the American counterparts (again, in my limited actual experience). Very rare is the DFK, BBBJ, and, to a lesser extent, DATY. I will, of course, defer to the more experienced members.

    Given the current economy, I'm surprised that provider rates both Canadian and US have held up at the respective levels. With the US NW economy in the toilet, I would have suspected pricing to come down a little. Perhaps business is slow for some...

    But, all things being equal, at least the rates are not as high as in Los Angeles or New York. But you get IMHO very attractive women doing more things to keep up their prices in those competitive markets.

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    Smile US providers

    Having both lived in and travelled the US, I agree that mileage is probably higher with Canadian providers. I don't know about the "safer" tho....

    At the same time, I've met some lovely ladies who were extremely hot. The locations varied from Honolulu to George W. Bush country in Texas. And I have to admit that I've been ripped off equally on both sides of the border.

    I think probably SPs for the most part are the same all over - the really good ones are rare, and the ripoffs are equally common. One must remember however that prostitution is illegal south of the border, while the act itself in Canada is not... perhaps that may have some bearing on things, but that's probably worthy of a doctoral thesis in psychology!
    "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." - Will Rogers

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