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Thread: Jena has changed her name to Chantelle (604)-710-7356

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    Angry Jena has changed her name to Chantelle (604)-710-7356

    OK folks...

    Just want to inform you that I have posted a review about Chantelle (aka Jena) a few weeks ago. Do a search under "Jena", and you should find it.

    Same person, same rates, same photo, and I am assuming the same service ..

    Before you get hooked a search on Jena and see my review of her. And save yourself some time and money.

    Stunning beauty, but look out...

    Be nice and be safe. Good manners are free and being rude will eventually cost you.

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    Angry Jena/Chantelle = RIPOFF

    Fictional entertainment and education.

    I didn't learn and booked with her for a full service with a fixed price. C$370. Nice hair & face. Great body, even bigger top (660cc) now so she might be a bit overboard now. Given Bobsled's prior posts, I was still stupid enough to book. Bobsled - ya da man!

    First call, she indicated $200 to get her in the door. Then the "discussion". Second call, confirmed her availability (basically anytime after noon - red flag #3). Third call, negotiated full service rate $370.

    Immediate strip and impressed with her bod, but no DFK, no touching below the waist (didn't even think to ask about DATY, but it was nicely shaved), no touching the nips either. Single position offered Miss. Double bag. Funny thing, she kept me in tight with her legs and kept one hand behind her and one in front of the private area. So of course it's a HJ with her trying to say it's FS.

    I ask her very politely to begin FS, but she's like, "You are in me." I ask to change positions, me standing, but she responds with "I like you in me this way."

    I ask her to leave. She gets indignant, but let's face it. She's a ripoff.

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    This is clearly service rendered not as promised. Both of you should post this info under the Vancouver Reviews "Neighborhood Watch" forum.

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