I've been a hobbiest for a few years now. Always figured that if I wanted a conventional married life, I'd find some fat chick that I hated, buy her a house and give her half of my money.

When I lived in Calgary, the women I saw at massage parlors were consistantly in the 7 to 10 range, relatively honest and intelligent. They could have a conversation and offer a near GFE.

I currently live in Southern California and I realize how good the pickings were in Calgary. All of the stories you've heard about hot young blonds with big boobs only apply if you drive a porche, are in a band or work in the "industry" (movie that is). What you do find available for rent are Koreans, Mexicans, African Americans (thats what they call Black folk here) and the occasional eastern european. Almost none of them speak recognizable english beyond "what you want?" and "sucky sucky" . While this may make for an ideal wife, it misses the mark for a rental GFE.

Which brings me to my point... While in Calgary I met a wonderful masseuse who went by the name of Mercedes. She used to work alot for Hanah at both 14th Street and Star Dust. Beautiful little brunette french girl, has a couple of kids, thin smart, and a really great figure. If she is still around, I'd love to see her when I pop back up next weekend, any ideas where I might see her?

Not Freezing My Ass Off,